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We had a deal, remember? You will come to me when you are ready.

Then what am I doing here? Well, Reyna runs her hand down my forearm.

I don’t move, but my skin tightens and goosebumps spring up all over me.

I don’t dare turn and look at her or her eyes. Teen pussy ass webcam.

You broke the rules, didn’t you? The rules? What rules? Well, no rules specifically.

I don’t know the word.

Hmmm, como se dice … She crosses back to her couch and sits down.

I turn to watch, but keep my gaze on Diana and Kathy.

Both of them look so happy and empty next to Reyna. Sexy_hela_18 sex chat show.

Their eyes track Reyna constantly, but they don’t move without Reyna’s permission.

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Ah, yes! says Reyna as she twirls and gracefully falls onto the couch.

The motion is so youthful and feminine it almost makes me forget I’m dealing with a complete psychopath. Young pussy's webcam.


You didn’t break the rules.

But you abandoned the game, and that is a form of cheating to me.

You were ruining my life, I say.

I feel the panic leave my system, and the fire in my belly builds as I think of Jace, Carl, and Maria.

Those were chess pieces in our little game, says Reyna. Eka beselia sexsi.

Nothing personal.

My best friend and my boyfriend weren’t personal? Oh, Sarah, we both know how little you valued Karla.

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She told me.

She? You can’t leave the game, says Reyna, ignoring my question.

At first, I wanted to give you space.

You needed to regroup. Huge anal dildo webcam.

I understand.

But this many weeks? That is too long.

So, what? You enslave my employers? Yes, says Reyna with a nod.

She says it so simply, like my life and the lives of those she takes are little things to her.

None of them matter.

You must admit, it was quite clever. What is sport sex.

You changed all your information, but kept the same job.

I knew I could get to them, and then I could find you.

I can’t think straight to process everything she’s saying.

Latina girl strips and fucks. Reyna

How long has she known where I work? How long has she been following me, trying to get me? Couple anal webcam. Was Maria a step to get me? Carl was.

Diana was.

How many people will she ruin just to get to me? On top of my confusion, my anger boils.

I wish Reyna would just fight me.

It doesn’t matter that she has the body of an Olympic beach volleyball player with incredible tits. Sexylanabust cam chicks.

It doesn’t matter that she’s got a floor of sex slaves who will hold me back.

If she gives me five minutes to tear her apart, I would put all of my rage into it.

At least I could make her ugly.

Sarah, darling, sit.

Latina girl strips and fucks. Reyna

You’re too tense.

This isn’t an attack.

What else would you call it? Mystudiobe sex chat in tamil. I don’t sit.

A negotiation, she turns to Diana and strokes Diana’s hair.

Diana lets out a little moan at Reyna’s touch.

How did you put it, pet? she asks.

A parley, says Diana.



Peace talks in time of war, yes? says Reyna.

Diana just nods.

This is for talking. Turkish sex chat porn.

I want to go back to our game.

I was having so much fun with you.

You are good prey.

This is a game to you? I clench my fists and feel the heat rush over my body.

I will kill this bitch.


Now sit.

Something flashes in my eyes, and I have to blink repeatedly to get it out while rubbing my eyes.

Latina girl strips and fucks. Reyna
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When I finally get it out, I realize I’m sitting on the couch across from Reyna.

I stare up at Reyna with confusion.

She smiles.

Let’s not pretend this is a conversation between equals, she says.

Again, her voice is calm and soft.

I could fall asleep to it, so gentle and soothing. Sexy cop lingerie porn.

Then what is? This is the moment before they let the fox loose and the hunt begins, she purrs.

And I’m the fox? Yes, and you’ve been quite foxxy.

Kathy lets out a giggle at Reyna’s unintentional double meaning.

Reyna glares at her.

Kathy, pet, look into my eyes. Arab live chat room webcam 4u.

Latina girl strips and fucks. Reyna

Kathy gets on her knees and turns around to look into Reyna’s eyes.

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