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Susie bent her legs, struggling, but again held on to the chair.

I glanced at Rachel who was smiling broadly now, and she glanced at Emma and winked.

She was enjoying herself.

A few seconds later the third stroke bit home and Susie cried out.

Rachel took her time over the last three strokes landing each one carefully below the one before and after each stroke Susie cried out. Face to face webcam sex chat.

Susie was in tears, as she always was when caned.

I knew she would be relieved when the sixth stroke hit her and even though she screamed out she knew it was over, the caning anyway.

Stay still Mum, Rachel ordered and Susie froze, worried I knew that more strokes were to come.

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Rachel tapped her Mum’s bottom with the cane, lightly.

Well Mum, are you going to stamp your foot again, throw another tantrum, eh Mum? she asked as she stood behind her Mother and ran the cane up the side of her thigh.

Well Mum? she asked again, lightly tapping her Mothers thigh with the cane and getting an immediate, No Rachel, I won’t, honest. Sweetvelia usa live sexy web cam.

Good girl, Rachel cooed as she ran the cane up and down the outside of the other thigh.

I knew what was coming as Rachel had done it to me often enough after a caning.

Soon the cane was running up the inside of her thigh, across her hair mound and back down the inside of her other thigh, before retracing its path, this time pressing the cane up into her hair mound instead of passing over it making Susie unconsciously rise up on to her tip toes until she couldn’t go any further.

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It was then that Rachel lowered the cane briefly and with the flick of her wrist brought it back up, not hard at all, but when she struck Susie’s pussy her Mother gasped, and as Rachel flicked again and again, directly on to the sensitive lips of her vagina.

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