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He took her hand as they walked in silence.

Each of them in their own thoughts.

Neither wanted to disturb the peace by bringing up the past.

"You look great," he smiled.

"Thank you so do you," she replied nervously. Oh gillette webcam nude.

Again the silence enveloped them.

Both of them knew that they could not change what happened after the last time together, but they both remembered it vividly.

Once they had been an item.

Youth had separated them after high school. Carton mature sex.

Now he was twenty-three, and she was two years younger.

They had talked about their lives.

He told her about his girlfriend, and she talked about her ex.

They remembered the past and mutual friends.

It felt so right to be there together.

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They continued the night going to the movies.

They held hands and kissed again and again.

The time they had been apart melted away.

When the movie was over, they didn't want the night to end.

After the movie, he took her back to his place where they kissed and cuddled. Winamac porn sexy live.

His hands roamed over her body sending chills throughout her.

The part of herself she had never given, now she offered to him freely.

He lifted her shirt over her head trailing kisses down her body.

When he opened her bra, he cupped her breasts, and she started to moan. South african girls fuck online chat.

He sucked, nipped on her nipples as he opened her pants.

She helped him slide them off.

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Then waited while he hastily removed his clothes.

He slid back beside her trailing his fingers up her legs to her wet slit. Free adult chat zo sex.

He gently slipped two fingers inside her.

She was so tight, and she moaned lifting her hips to him.

Her body begged for him to complete the connection.

He pushed his fingers in and out of her as he kissed her passionately.

Their tongues danced to the sounds of the music that was in their minds. Free online mobile sexcams.

He pressed his thumb to her clit sending her over the edge.

As she was lost in her orgasm, he withdrew his fingers and pushed his hard cock into her slick opening.

She wrapped her legs around his, encouraging him to go deeper.

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She wanted this, she wanted him.

He slowly made love to her, both knowing this was the only chance they would have to ever be together.

It was a beautiful night.

Unfortunately, it had to come to an end.

She had to work the early shift and only had enough time to shower and leave. Wechat sexy girls online now their username.

He kissed her goodbye, not realizing that this would be the last time they would see each other for twenty years.

Life just had a way of keeping them apart.

Now fate brought them back together again. Hatfield sex. swinging..

They knew that it was wrong, but the pull of what they had had was great.

The one thing neither of them was ready to acknowledge or talk about was the baby they had lost.

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