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She told me about their rubbing her, but she did not want me to make an issue of it, writing it off to their inebriation.

My bosses wanted us to join them at this trade show because they had made plans to meet a new, potential client there, and wanted me to help socialize with him and try to get his business. Mrs claus sex.

Joan’s beauty would also be an attraction.

The client’s name is Jim, but most people called him 'Tex',and he is the CEO of a manufacturing company in Texas, which was in the market for industrial equipment to start a new product line.

Bill told me before we arrived in New Orleans that Tex had made it clear that he wanted to be 'entertained' while he was at the convention, and Bill had arrangemented for an escort to be available to keep Tex happy for the three days of the trade show.

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Tex also wanted to have pictures taken of him with the escort, to provide proof to his friends in Texas that he was truly entertained at the trade show.

Tex is a big man, probably about six feet and four inches tall with a very large build, although he wasn't stocky. Nightbreeze bahgladesh sex videocoll.

He looked like he could have been a football linebacker.

We all met Tex at the trade show reception, and after shaking my hand (his hand was huge), he leaned down and gave Joan a hug as a greeting, which somehow seemed appropriate since he was so personable. Www javasex com.

I quietly asked Bill where the escort was, and he nervously said that she should be along in a few minutes.

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We all had several drinks at the reception, which lasted about an hour, and then it was time to move to the ballroom for dinner.

Tex had been flirting with Joan at the reception, but since she had a few drinks, it was not upsetting to her. Chat room arab cam sex online.

At this point, Bill and Phil were starting to get worried because the escort had not yet shown up, and they wanted her to be there to sit with Tex at dinner.

Just then Bill’s cell phone rang, and his expression seemed to change from worry to panic.

He said that the escort had fallen ill and would not be joining us at the trade show.

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What was even worse was that the escort agency couldn't find a replacement on such short notice.

Bill pulled Joan and me aside to discuss the problem of the escort not showing up.

He asked if Joan and I would be kind enough to sit with Tex during dinner, with Joan between us and at his side. Samantha bentley porno.

He sheepishly admitted that the escort was going to provide much more than just company at dinner for Tex, and that he was definitely not asking Joan to step into that roll.

He just hoped that by having Joan at Tex’s side that would help to calm some of his disappointment at not having the escort, especially since he was obviously quite impressed with Joan’s appearance and demeanor at the reception.

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Under normal circumstances, just the thought of stepping into even part of the escort’s role would have angered Joan, but after having a few drinks, and considering that she would be helping the company and my career, she agreed.

We took our seats at the table, and Tex seemed appreciative that Joan was at his side. Sex sites chat in herforst germany.

Dinner was uneventful, except that Tex made sure that Joan’s wine glass was full and that she also had a fresh mixed drink in front of her at all times.

As you might expect from someone in his position, he was very charming at dinner and paid a lot of attention to Joan, by including her in all of the conversations.

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Joan was also enjoying herself, and I noticed that she would sometimes rest her hand on his arm when making a point, and they laughed together at the light conversation.

At the end of dinner the tables were cleared, the orchestra began playing, and the dance floor was opened to the guests. Online watch hd sex videos.

I danced with Joan a couple of times, but Tex spent most of the time on the dance floor with her, and Bill and Phil also took a few turns.

I thought it seemed like a natural result of Joan helping to entertain Tex.

I started to notice that on the slow dances Tex was holding Joan very close, and I thought that I saw his hand drop to her ass a couple of times.

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It also looked like he might have been pushing his crotch into her stomach, due to their closeness and difference in height.

In the past Joan would always let me know if someone was making sexual advances, like in the case of Bill and Phil, but she didn’t say anything about it when she periodically returned to the table. Feet webcam teen.

I also noticed that Bill and Phil were dancing very close to her, and it looked like they were rubbing her as well.

I also couldn’t help but notice that Bill and Phil had noticeable lumps in their pants when they left the dance floor.

The evening wore on for three hours, and Bill made sure that the drinks kept coming.

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He was openly encouraging Joan and me to drink more, under the pretext of entertaining our guest.

Finally, at midnight, the dance was over, and the orchestra finished their last song.

Tex then invited all of us to continue the evening in the suite that our company was providing him. Sex and the city 2 online free megavideo.

I was thinking that it was getting very late and knew that Joan and I had much more to drink than we should have, but Bill insisted that we join the group.

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