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She put one finger over my mouth and started to grind up and down on my cock.

She pumped her hips up and down quickly, knowing we had to be fast and quiet.

I watched as she bit her lip to keep herself quiet.

Every few pumps, she pushed her heaving chest against my face. Brianna banks porno.

She kept going at a steady pace and both of us could feel the end was near.


Sheri reached down with both hands and pushed my sweatpants down exposing my bare cock.

She leaned back, wrapped her hand around my dick and started jerking me off. How to make love to yourself sexually.

Tell me when, she whispered.

She kept stroking my cock from tip to base.

Her grip would tighten around my head and release as she got closer to my balls.


Now, now, now, I whispered back to her.

She knelt on the seat next me and shoved my dick into her mouth. Webcam kirakiss video.

Just as she did, cum rocketed out of me filling her mouth.

I watched as her head jerk back from a powerful jet of cum hitting her throat.

She kept her mouth closed around my dick until she was sure every last drop was spent.

She sat back up and moved her face right in front of mine.

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