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Spinning back around to face us, Megan looked at her two stage-seated admirers and smiled again.

It looked like she was really starting to enjoy our eyes running up and down her body.

She reached up and lowered a bra strap from one shoulder, and then from the other. Chaturbate sex toy.

Holding the cups against her breasts, she smiled an even bigger smile and then lowered her bra, letting it dangle it in one hand just above the stage.

Her tits were even nicer than I had imagined; firm with large, pink areola.

Her nipples were very erect. Misaki oosawa blows dicks then fucks in perfect outdoor.

My cock approved, stiffening into a tight bulge in my trousers.

"Yes baby!" Rick exhorted as he shifted in his seat, hoping Megan might be able to get a glimpse of the huge bulge in his pants.

"Gorgeous titties honey, how about that thong, why don't we give it the afternoon off?" I laughingly added.

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Megan smiled again and playfully teased us slipping her thumbs inside the fabric and stretching the thong up and down as if to say, "Want me to take this off and show you my hot, wet, young pussy, huh guy's?" With that, our eighteen year-old beauty spun around with her backside facing us, and playfully slid the thong halfway down her tight, round cream-colored ass; then pulled it back up accompanied by a little giggle. Interracial sex jan.

She slid it down a second time, this time below her butt, and let it rest there.

Next, she worked it down to the middle of her creamy thighs.

Glancing over her shoulder, and smiling at us again, she pulled the thong down around her ankles, then stepped out of it--first the right high high heel, then the left.

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Momentarily pausing with the thong in her hand, she then playfully tossed it on top of her bra, already lying in the middle of the stage.

"Oh yeah baby, turn around, let me see that pretty pussy of yours, make my big cock even harder Megan dear!" Rick playfully exhorted.

"Come on baby, let big daddy get an eyeful of that sweet pussy!" I encouraged her admiringly. Male sexual attraction body language.

With that, Megan turned around slowly and showed us her shaved snatch.

She looked shyly at Rick, reached down for her mound, then slid a finger along her moistened lips.

"Oh, fuck yes baby, get that pussy soaking wet for my rock hard cock!" howled Rick.

"Megan honey, that is one of the most beautiful pussies I've ever seen; come over here and let me put something big and hard in that lovely hole of yours!" I boisterously added.

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She danced a little more, running a finger along her glistening slit, and then, covered it with her palm, as if she was playing her own little version of peek-a-boo pussy with us.

"Megan, how about giving us a close up of that lovely pussy baby?" implored Rick.

"Yes baby doll, show us where our big, hard cocks would go, help us load our balls and shafts up with some love juice for you, baby doll!" I added. Boyonlyfriend crossdresser webcams free no registration.

With that, the song ended.

Megan smiled at us, then turned and walked to the back of the stage, picking her shoulder bag up.

She scooped up her top and thong up off the stage, and walked over to the steps.

Rick and I sat mesmerized as she walked down the steps, still bottomless, and went behind the stage curtain.

"Damn John, what a hot, fucking babe.

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I want to bang that pussy really badly," muttered an aroused Rick.

"I hear you man, while you're banging her tight, wet slit, I'd like to have my swollen cock jammed deep down her fucking throat, right down to the base of my shaft, with nothing but my balls outside of her mouth. Free live sex chat web cam locals.

Damn, I'd like to unload my jizz between her sexy lips," I added.

While we were sitting their musing about the lovely Megan, the club manager approached us.

"Hey gents, what did you think of our new girl?" "She's one hell of a cock stiffener dude," I responded, still sporting one hell of a hard on for the lovely lady's twat.

"Hey got a proposition for you guys," he stated.

"Megan needs to break the ice having a back room session, you guys interested?" "Are you kidding me?" I replied.

"How much is that going to cost us?" "Actually nothing," the manager said with a grin, "I need for her to learn to relax back there with the clientele, I'd like to get her broken in as soon as possible.

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