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One thing was apparent, Pat now seemed to be firmly in control.

I was, happily, on for the ride.

I just hoped it wasn’t too bumpy… The usual delays before and after landing left me running for the next train to get into the office,.

At least once seated I had time to go through my notes on what needed to be discussed before I could head home for a long weekend off.

++++ Dropped off by my taxi, I opened the front door and let myself into a quiet house. Kerala sexy video live free.

Pat was not about which was a little strange.

I found a note taped to the Kitchen work surface: ‘Hello love, If you’ve got in before me you’re reading this rather than being ‘attacked…’ don’t worry, I should be in very soon after you.

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xxx Pat xxx’ It being too early for a drink, I made a coffee and sat down quietly in the lounge. Teens 14 webcam.

In the silence, there was a low buzz that made me glance up from my newspaper, and my eye was also drawn to slight movement.

The tables were turned! Pat was using the home-cam to look at me.


What was she expecting? Or was she simply letting me know that she too could now use it? Video call girls sex chat. I grinned, stuck my tongue out and went back to reading my newspaper.

A few minutes later I heard what I thought was Pat’s key in the front door and looked up into the eyes of a stranger.

Hello Sven, I’m Jan.

Pat sends her apologies, she’ll be along a little later, but right now she’s tied up.

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’ Jan, about Pat’s size in all respects, casually slipped off and dropped her light coat over the back of one of the chairs before walking into the room.

In high heels and naked.

Stark naked! Short blonde hair and nothing else; shaved or waxed, I couldn’t tell and cared less. Fuck bus virgin girl.

Her nether lips were aroused, leastways that’s a polite description.

In truth, she was hot, open, glistening and ready.

The sort of ready that produces an instant erection in any red-blooded male.

I stood up, conscious, very conscious, of my burgeoning and obvious bulge. Sukaci free no sign up horny sex chats.

I started to speak but before a sound came out Jan had reached me, put a single finger of silence against my lips and then kissed me.

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Rather than put her arms around me in a hug, she was undoing me, undressing me, and hell was she good at it.

I was as naked as she was faster than I could have managed in the circumstances. Raissasex gay arab cam chat fuck xxx videos.

Jan continues to impress as she licked the tip of my cock, tidying up the dripping pre-cum that had appeared.

Then she slowly and deliberately swallowed him.

All of him, something that even now Pat could not always do.

Size is a number, but I’m not small in any dimension, and she had just taken me all in until her nose touched my front. Sportics11 webcam shuffle chat.

Wow! The sensations as she swallowed and moved around me were quite incredible.

Slowly she moved backhand to let him slip out of her mouth.

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Welcome to the next phase of your awakening…! Was all Jan said.

Then she pulled me down alongside her onto the floor. Birthday cobra webcam show.

She spread herself, the invitation to dine at the ‘Y’ unmistakable.

Support Lush Stories At the back of my mind as I stated forward there was a fleeting thought as to whether Pat was still watching, but that thought was short as Jan pulled my head into her wet, fragrant centre of delight. Fuck somebody tonight burundi.

Her sounds of delight and pleasure meant I was getting it right.

Her taste, not unlike Pat’s, was stronger, sweeter and at the same time slightly tart.

My hard, aching cock now more ready than ever for its quest.

Jan pushed me away and onto my back.

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Too much, too much, she almost whispered, as she moved astride me. Freesexchat com reviews.

Then not even holding or steadying my red, angry cock she captured it and slid down on me.


All the way.

Bone to bone.

We both groaned, "Oh Fuck!" Together.

Then she started the dance.


Almost all the way out and then all the way in again.

I hoped she was going to keep up because I too was moving against her and we were in a definite race to finish. Korea chat sex.

I think we exploded together - if not it was as close as makes no difference as Jan slumped forward on my heaving chest.

Our heart-rate off the clock; our gasping breathing also trying to catch up.

As we calmed slowly down, we were both aware of a gentle ripple of applause and we turned out heads to see Pat and the man I now knew was Mike, standing.

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And Naked.

Pat’s vagina red, used and leaking.

Mikes’ cock red, glistening and at half-staff….

++++ We sat, naked, in thoughtful silence at the kitchen breakfast bar, drinking a fresh coffee.

Pat and I spoke together, You’ll….

! Stopped and both giggled, an element of coyness and embarrassment obvious. Live local webcam chat.

In the end, it was Jan that spoke.

Sven, as you may now realise, Mike and I are married and have a more than ‘slightly’ open relationship, which allowed me to seduce you a little while ago.

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