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the needles go into my nipples, the pain is not as great as I imagined it would be, I now have two rings peeping out the front of my dress, what will be my fate tonight.

we arrive at a big old house, I am escorted in to a large room with a film show running on screens all around the room, it shows a girl being fucked by at least 3 men at once. Dog sex chatrooms.

The party begins, their are lots of well dressed women as well as men, lots of champagne flows a pole dancer gyrate on a podium, the film still runs now a girl fucking herself with a huge dildo.

a spot light falls on the stage and two black girls are 69 tongues lapping at each others pussy, one has a dildo being thrust into her anus, I look up and can see a small group on a balcony watching the show.

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A spotlight falls on a blonde with huge breasts she is perched on a stool, a jeroboham of champagne poised at her open pussy she sinks down very slowly engulfing the bottle, her pussy stretched wide half the bottle inside her, she stands lifting the bottle holding it in side her with her cunt muscles, she smiles, the watchers look away. Lesbian camsex.

the spotlight picks me out I knew it would it is my turn to entertain the watchers, I sit on the high stool on the stage my legs apart, my shaven pussy glistening with a hint of my juices, I run my hands over my newly pierced nipples, they still hurt but pop up erect, I take a banana from a bowl, peel it slowly and pressit to my pussy, it slides in I can take it all in without breaking it slides out of me shiny with my juice it ease it in and out slowly, the watchers stand, the crowd watching me applaud.

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I have succeeded in something but I am not sure what.

i am naked on my back my arms tied behind me my legs raised with my feet in some sort or stirrup, a mouth is licking my pussy and anus, the tongue pushing into my little hole, a set of hands and caressing my tits gently pulling on the rings, some warm oil is now rubbed into my anus.

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A man enters the room, he is very tall , he says "you are mine do as you are told and I will not have to hurt you" i feel a finger push into me followed my another, a third follows filling my pussy, he works them in and out I am soaking wet, he gets a fourth digit into my pussy pushing, forcing into me I am stretched wide he gets his whole hand inside me twisting and clenching his fist inside me, I cum all over his hand, I feel a sharp slap to my arse "i did not tell you to cum slut" he pulls out roughly, I feel empty, the fingers now start pushing into my anus he gets 3 inside me, but I can take no more, "we will have to practise this I want my hand up your ass slut" i apologise and receive another slap this time on my pussy, my head` is turn toward my master, "suck me slut" I take his huge cock into my mouth I can just get my lips around it, I flick the head with my tongue he moves in and out fucking my mouth, he pushes all the way down my throat my nose is in his pubic hair, I come up for air as he pulls out of me, 2now I will fuck you slut" he gets between my legs and thrusts into my pussy, "nice tight cunt slut" he says he pounds away for several minutes driving me into the bed, he pulls out again and enters my ass I squeal as he thrusts into my ass "quiet slut2 he grunts, his movements become more rapid and uncontrolled, he pulls out of my ass and spays his cum all over my pussy and tits.

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He leaves without a word.

now I am fair game for the rest of the guests a woman comes and eats my pussy, spitting on it as she leaves, several men fuck my ass and pussy spraying their cum in my face and hair, another pair of women approach one uses a huge dildo on my pussy and ass making me scream as I come for the fifth or sixth time, the women suck and bite my nipples making them very sore (think they are jealous of me somehow) before they leave they both straddle my face and I eat their pussy and ass one women has not wiped herself after having a shit it is smeared across my face the second women sits down hard on my mouth and empties her herself into my mouth, I lay their exhausted and stinking, as a final insult an old man who is cleaning up finds me and puts his stinking wrinkled cock in my mouth, he cannot get hard so pisses over my face and tits, he wanders away saying "dirty slut whore" Scarsdale, NY: Friday 13th October 2017 Off the wagon As I watched Sue lead James by the hand upstairs, his huge cock bobbing up and down as he moved, I desperately hoped that the date wasn’t an omen for where things might head.

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This would be the third time we’d ventured into the world of wife-sharing and the last time had nearly cost us our love and marriage.

Yet events had conspired to lead us back to this point.

With Sue and I both willing participants as she took another man as a lover. Asianpearl sex chat in malayalam language.

A young, six-foot-seven, beanpole Englishman.

A young Physics prodigy who was blessed with an awkward demeanor and a cock which looked even bigger than Francis' and Brandon’s.

I stood rooted to the spot for what seemed like ages, lost in my trepidation and excitement, my brain still fogged by alcohol.

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