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My name is Master Kincaid and I will be your Master of Ceremonies for the evening. We have several performances to entertain you tonight thanks to some of our gracious members, so let's get started shall we? There will be a short break in between performances, so please be kind and refrain from getting up and leaving during the performances and distracting both the performers and the audience trying to watch them. Bianca latina porno. Our service slaves will bring you any drink or other refreshments you may wish.

Simply motion for them and they will be happy to serve you. Our first performance for the evening is courtesy of Mistress Diana and her slave jewel. "

From out of the dark, a tall woman with jet black straight hair in a ponytail came towards the stage.

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Sexy pussy lips fucked. She was dressed in a leather catsuit and held the leash of another girl, a smallish blonde who was naked and who walked with her head down and her hands behind her back. Mistress Diana led her girl to a pillory up on the stage. Turning it to face the audience she placed the girl into the pillory locking her wrists and neck in the device.

"My slave here loves to be fucked with my strap-on. Free sex webcam no credits.

Since she has been such a good girl lately, I promised her a good fucking. I just didn't tell her she would have such an audience for it!" she said laughing. Diana put the strap-on dildo on and came up behind the girl. Without any lube or preparation at all, she grabbed the girls hips and lunged forward impaling her fully on the large plastic cock.

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Jewel screamed at the shock of suddenly being stuffed full of the cock, but as the Mistress began pumping hard and fast into her, jewel's screams turned to moans of desire and her face went from shocked surprise to one of lustful passion and need. The Mistress pounded into her again and again as jewel shook in the pillory from the force of the Mistress's thrusts. Sexy petite indian.

It was only a matter of a few minutes before the bound slave was moaning her need "Please Mistress, please may I cum?" she whimpered. But Diana refused and kept plunging into her tender pussy. A couple of moments later, jewel repeated her plea. Again she was denied and even Chelsea could feel the disappointment in the girl as she was made to withhold her orgasm.

"Please, Oh Mistress please may I cum?" jewel begged once more.

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"Now, slut, clean up my cock!" she said.

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