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Her large nipples poked through her bra and shirt.

I licked my lips as I gazed at the plump mound contained within her tight jeans.

I let my eyes wander back up over her breasts to her amber colored eyes and she nodded as her thighs moved apart.

Taking my seat, I placed a hand on her thigh and let it slide up to her mound. Husband and mother in law sex.

I rubbed my fingers over her crotch and I could feel the heat through the thick material of her jeans.

She closed her thighs, trapping my hand and pressing it harder into her sex.

Riley scooted closer and placed my other hand on her own silky thigh.

I moved straight to her moist lips and plunged a finger in.

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Linda stared hungrily at my finger plunging in and out of Riley’s dripping hole and gulped her drink as she rocked her warm slit on my other hand.

The bartender interrupted, asking if we wanted another round and leaning over the bar to try to get a glimpse of what was going on. Hornygirlbi yahoo sex chat with cam.

Yeah, get us another round, Linda said, her voice dry.

When he was gone, she returned her eyes to my fingers in Riley’s pussy and in a hoarse whisper said, Let me taste her.

" With a grin I pulled my fingers from Riley’s pussy and lifted them slowly to Linda’s lips.

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Her lips closed around my shining fingers and her tongue licked at the taste as she sucked them clean.

Her eyes closed and her thighs squeezed harder around my wrist as she began to tremble.

She grabbed my shoulder and the bar to support herself as her hips jerked. Amateur cam whores sex girls.

The bartender returned with our drinks and stared as she gasped and shook one last time.

He looked at each of us in turn and leaned far over the bar to see my hand between Linda's clenched thighs.

Nice work, man, he said, setting the drinks on the bar and walking away. Sex web camera chat.

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Linda relaxed her thighs, releasing my hand and grabbed her drink.

God, that was good, she gasped, taking a long drink.

George was staring open-mouthed.

Riley turned to him.

Was that good for you too, George? she giggled, flashing her pussy at him again.

George gulped his beer and shifted uncomfortably on his stool as he tried to hide the tent in his pants. Amateur boobs on webcam.

Riley moved to the stool beside George and sat with her thighs spread wide, inviting him to push a thick calloused finger into her slick entrance.

She leaned in to whisper in his ear as her hand went to his bulge and stroked him through his pants.

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George grunted and jumped as he came in his pants. Live czech sex cam without registration.

With a giggle, Riley lightly kissed his cheek and returned to the stool beside me, leaving George with a dopey grin on his face and slick shining juices on his finger.

I think you just made his year, Linda chuckled.

Just doing my good deed for the day.

Riley smiled, slipping her hand between my legs and giving my cock a squeeze. Valerie concepcion sexy.

Linda’s gaze followed Riley’s hand and she, too, slipped her hand between my legs and cupped my balls.

I closed my eyes and sipped my drink as their hands caressed me.

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They took turns rubbing my swollen shaft and fondling my balls.

I groaned deep in my chest as I forgot we were in a public place and reached to undo my belt. Tranny webcam porn.

Support Lush Stories Will? a voice came from behind me.

I jumped as my eyes snapped open and turned to see where it came from.

A moment passed before I recognized the dark haired blue eyed woman as Kristy, Brady’s date the night I argued with him at the restaurant. Living sex toy delivery.

I thought that was you, she smiled.

Hi, ah.

Kristy? I said, hoping I remembered her name correctly.

Her eyes darted about, taking in the two hands in my crotch and Riley’s exposed pussy.

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Looks like you’re having fun over here, she blushed as she spoke.

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