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Thad, has anyone ever fucked you? I don’t mean fucked your mouth.

I mean fucked you in the ass.

Unh-uh I want to.

Can we try it? I kind of shrugged and nodded at the same time.

He got up and opened the drawer of the night table and took out a tube and a small envelope. Masters of sex watch online for free.

He lay back down, tore open the envelope and took out a condom and rolled it down over his cock then got between my legs, pushed them up so my butt was raised and smeared what was in the tube around my asshole and some of it into my hole.

This may hurt at first, but not for long. Online live sex babes totally available.

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See if you can handle it.

He told me to hold my legs up and he put his cock against my asshole and kind of moved it around pushing it a little and then letting up, but each time pushing a little more and harder.

Try to relax and push out, like you were going to fart. Fat naked fucked african w.

I wanted to laugh, but at that moment I felt a stab of pain.


Let your mind tell you it’s okay.

He pushed, and amazingly the head of his cock went in.

There was another stab of pain, and I flinched and gasped.

He stopped and waited.

Are you okay? Online porno sex russian. I had my eyes clinched closed, but I nodded.

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He pushed again and it slid in further.

How does that feel? Funny, like I’m really full back there, Well, you are.

And now I’m all the way in.

He kissed me again, and then slowly began to fuck my ass.

God you’re tight. Bellasamantha chat porno mobile video chat.

Do you like it? I kind of grunted, Yeah.

He picked up speed and would move from side to side and around and in and out.

Both of us were making all kinds of noises, like grunts and pants and Unhs.

He’d say, God it feels so good, your hole’s so hot, and does that feel good? Interracial stockings sex pics. By this time he was fucking me hard and fast and knocking the breath out of me.

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He hoarsely whispered, Jack yourself off.

I grabbed my dick and jacked as hard as he was fucking me.

He started making sharp stabs deep inside me and I knew he was coming. Looking for looking 4sex yonkers.

He knocked my hand away and grabbed my dick and jacked me and I shot off all over my stomach.

He sat back on his haunches, pulling me so his cock was still all the way in, and just looked at me smiling, then took hold of my arm and pulled me up and kissed me again.

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