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The elevator bounces and grinds to a halt.

The sudden stop startles her.

Her left hand flies away from her body and grabs on to my right arm.

We’re stuck between floors.

She regains her composure quickly and releases my arm.

I turn my head to look at her.

She still averts my gaze. Trapikana www live sexy vedio calls com.

Her eyes are fixed on the ground this time.

Forgive me, Sir, She pleads.

She is a sub.

Are you okay? I ask her.

Yes Sir.

Thank you for asking, she replies.

I walk to her, place my hands on her hips and lift her skirt.

Her eyes are still fixed on the ground.

I lift the hem of her skirt past her elbows.

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She gives out a long sigh and presses her elbows into her sides, holding her skirt raised for me.

I take half a step back and admire her long legs, hips and shaved cunt.

She isn’t wearing panties.

Support Lush Stories I ease myself down to one knee.

I lift her right leg and place her foot on top of the chrome handrail. Master86 online sex girls video chat.

She moans, offering no resistance.

I slide my right hand over her inner thigh and squeeze her soft flesh.

She moans louder and shuts her eyes.

I place my thumbs on her smooth, hairless cunt, spread her wet slit and expose her clit.

In a shaky voice, She asks, May I speak, Sir?

Karamellka cam4sex online live. I look up at her.

She is still averting my eyes.

Of course you may, and you may also look at me.

You have lovely eyes, I reply.

Thank you, Sir.

You are very kind, She replies to me.

Then she asks me, Will you allow me to cum, or, will you not allow it, Sir? Most sexually active dorms. You are allowed to cum, this time, I answer.

Thank you Sir.

Please forgive my interruption.

My cunt is yours, Sir, to do with as you please, She replies.

I slide my middle finger inside her slick, wet cunt, and pull her towards my mouth.

I suck her clit between my lips. Sex cams 1 way.

Her juice is tart and warm.


I keep my finger still, inside her.

I use it only to hold her in place.

I place my tongue flat, and pressed hard against her clit.

I slowly move my head up and down, running the entire length of my tongue over her clit.

Soft moans escape her lips. Threesome sex on public.

I cease running my tongue over her clit, and bite down on her meaty cunt.

She gasps and squeezes her fingers tight around the chrome handrails.

I release her from my bite and I pinch her clit between the index finger and thumb of my left hand.

I run my tongue over her clit again. Totally free camera sexy women.

She bucks her hips forward and moans loudly.


I roll her clit between my finger and thumb, to the rhythm of my tongue.

Her body quivers, and her right leg wobbles.

I push my middle finger upwards and harder inside her, to steady her.

It isn’t long until I feel her squeeze my finger from deep inside her. Xxhotgirl69 free online one on onesex chat.

A gush of warm liquid runs down my finger and flows over my knuckles and tongue.

She lets out a muffled cry, as she quivers in orgasm.

When she stops quivering, I slide my finger out of her.

I stand up and gently remove her left foot from the railing.

I hold her steady as she places her foot on the floor.

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She pulls the hem of her skirt down and adjusts it.

You may speak, I say to her.

Thank you, Sir, She says, with relief in her voice, Did my cunt please you, Sir? I lift her chin, kiss her lips, look into her dark eyes and reply, Yes, you taste as exquisite as you look. Busty webcam videos.

She smiles and replies, I am glad you find me pleasing, Sir, and thank you, for allowing me to cum.

Meet me after work, in the courtyard, I grin.

Still smiling, She replies, Yes, Sir.

Thank you, Sir.

Normally, I push this media interview stuff off on someone from my PR department, but since I had personally taken the call when you first contacted us, and because you sounded so darn sexy, I decided to do it myself.

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