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I just don’t use them much.

) He buckled that collar tightly around my throat.

The pressure was tighter than I would have liked.

I tried to say something but the crowd was too noisy as Cooper produced a bright red ball gag. Vernon sex chat rooms.

I reluctantly opened my mouth and he jammed it in.

I had never worn one of these.

I didn’t like the idea at all; it just seemed stupid to me.

But tonight was a night of new adventures, and he buckled it on tight. Sweet-ana live video sex chat india.

As he led me into the iron bar contraption, I saw how it worked.

Obviously, the measurements we sent in a week ago were followed to the letter.

A bar ran right under my waist, so as I crawled over it on all fours, it sat right where my legs bent forward and supported me.

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Two guys in construction outfits came out to help.

With their cordless nut drivers, they clamped another bar across the back of my knees and bolted it to the floor.

I felt a tugging on my ankles as they were chained to something. Free no pay totally free sex chat room.

These fuckers placed a bar under my neck and bolted it down.

They laid another parallel bar just behind my neck, too, and bolted that down.

I was unable to move.

I mean, there I was on all fours and I had no leeway at all.

I couldn’t rock my body an inch forward or backward. Online hd indian sex.

They chained my collar to one of the neck bars, and secured my wrist cuffs to the floor.

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I couldn’t move.

I know, I already said that.

But, I’ve been restrained before, and there’s always some wiggle room.

Not tonight. Belladonna sex porn.

I was pinned in tight.

My knees were already a little sore from the plywood flooring.

Allison,called Coop, above the din of the crowd.

Look at me.

First up is Leon, the black guy.

Yeah, I know.

It’s not his real name, he just goes by that here.

I think he’s eleven inches. Pielcaneelaa usa tamil online sex video.

We also have Chico The Magnificent, the big Mexican dude; he’s about eight inches.

Then there’s Rocco and Gary, also around eight or so.

And rounding out the fuckers is Crazy Eddie.

The rumor is he never gets soft…Dazed, I tried to absorb all this information but was having some difficulties.

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I was not liking this fucking ball gag at all.

It just made me drool.

And the video techs were so thoughtful in putting a small monitor right in front of me so I could see how slutty and shameful I looked. Unigue777 arabic sex chat com.

I tried nodding my head, but I really couldn’t move it one way or another.

I just moaned an Mmm-Hmm.

" On my screen, I could see two guys approaching me, cocks in hand.

They got behind me but didn’t touch me, just stroked their cocks faster and faster. Free sexy group fuking pic.

I wiggled my ass as best I could; I was hoping to get tips to help pay for all this, remember? Suddenly, hot fluid splattered on my ass.

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