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This continued for some time neither of us speaking a word to each other or looking each other in the eye.

Both of our heads were angled down, watching the scene before us.

We both became more and more desperate as the masturbation continued.

R was almost hunching over and breathing heavily, her toes gripping the coffee table as my rubbing of her pussy became more labored. Tamanna sex photos tamanna sex.

By now we were both moaning and letting out oh's and ah's as our genitals ground and pumped each other's hands.

R's grip on my shaft became less and less as she was getting closer to orgasm and could not concentrate as much on the stroking.

I reached up with my right hand to rub myself along with her hand trying to let her know I wanted to take over so I could have more control.

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R broke away from me, putting both feet on the floor, but resumed her bent-knee stance.

Standing just a foot away, facing me, she grabbed her pussy lips with her left hand, spreading them open to expose her clit.

She began rubbing her clit furiously with her right hand as she stood with knees bent, facing me. Teen transgender webcams.

As I stroked myself in front of R, she began to hunch over even more and her face went blank as a sheet.

Her mouth hung wide open as her orgasm was creeping up.

A low moaning began to emit from her open mouth, then became louder.

R was cumming in front of me and I was about to unload onto her body. Ful sex girl video live.

I began stroking furiously and walked over to her so close my cock and fist were only a few inches from her body.

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I shot several ropes of cum onto R's lower abdomen, arm and leg.

The room was filled with sounds of our mutual orgasms as we both cried out. Sakura sex pics.

My cock was still rock hard after shooting my sperm onto R.

She was still holding her pussy with her hand as both our orgasms subsided.

I wasted no time and walked behind her and grabbed my cock, shoving it in between her thigh gap.

I rubbed the head into her soaked and gapping pussy hole then pushed her over with my left arm. Webcam at work porn.

R let out an, "Oh God!" as I shoved my cock into her.

I began pounding her as she was standing up and bent over at the waist, holding onto her coffee table with one hand, her other hand still gripping her pussy and feeling my balls as they met her fingers.

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We maneuvered so she could hold onto her sofa as she was still bent at the waist and getting pounded.

We fucked hard and fast there in her living room.

The sounds of R's B-cup, deflated tits clapping together along with our bodies slapping filled the room. Wichita onlain sexy.

I unloaded into her pussy and we were both completely spent.

R stood there, still bent over holding onto her sofa, her gapping pussy dripping sperm onto the carpet.

We began cleaning up with wet towels and talked about what had just happened.

We both agreed we wanted it to continue, and we had many very good, nasty fuck sessions while I worked in the area. Kitaycha sexsi.

We visited other nudist clubs in neighboring states as well, and did some camping at them.

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R is currently involved in a long-term relationship with a nice older man who has no idea of our adventures together, or of R's nudist activities.

He knows she and I are friends, but has no idea what we did together. Merilovely porno.

I moved several hours away, but she and I have met in a neighboring state at a nudist club to spend the weekend while he was away on business.

We fuck the entire weekend every time we meet.

She feels guilty about it, but never says no to a meeting or a chance to visit the nudist clubs. Sexy easter bunny lingerie.

Ever wonder about that guy friend your wife or girlfriend has? The one she knew before you came along, and he is just her "friend"? Now you know.

The world encapsulated in darkness Soft velvet blinding my vision The sounds music thrumming in the background His voice reassuring and comforting His touch warming my skin with each movement The heat as his palm settles and squeezes The pressure rope biting deliciously into my skin The sting when he slips it between my thighs I am helpless before him Bound and blinded Loved and adored as he ties me Helpless and trusting with each knot Every wrap, every fiber Until I reside in a pleasurable fog He lies beside me as he strokes Caressing his handiwork across my body Silk slides between my lips Blindfold taken away Candlelight flickers as he shifts One tug of the rope My petals furl open Already moisture beckons His ministrations make me want Needy for more Sweet pulsation pushes inside me Thrusting, drawing, pushing me high Pinching my nipples drawn tight Rough orders, growled in my ear "Not until I say" his demand Playing me like a violin Strings taut with tension Body trembling and desperate Again and again He lifts me higher and higher Denying me the sweet release I am so hungry for him Writhing in his arms The bite of the rope A symphonic accompaniment To the tumultuous pleasure "Now, come now" his permission A muffled cry and I arch My body singing in relief Buffeted by my orgasm I pant heavily He removes my gag Kisses my lips Slowly begins to loosen my ties His lips and fingers trace The impression etched into my skin Curling around me, cupping me He whispers low for me alone I smile and move against him Never have I felt so free In those ropes, I find freedom.

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It’s Friday night, the girls and I decide to meet straight after work and head down to the local bar.

As it’s been a long week we don't bother to go home and change, we just go as we are.

We’re all dressed smartly but I like to feel a little sexy at the end of the week so my short black skirt and black heels go well with my bright pink shirt. Indian anty sex video chat.

Hidden underneath is my pink lace bra, matching pink bikini panties and black seamed stockings.

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