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Only making Brett's cock hard for him and sucking it would make me feel better and that was because he was my first boyfriend.

But with Ben, I was getting the reciprocation that my clitty dick craved while I was sucking Brett's nine inch cock.

"Oh, yeah, suck it for me, baby," I said encouraging him.

"You're a man after my own heart, Ben baby.

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At that point, I couldn't wait for Ben to put his cock in my ass and give me my first fuck ever.

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But first he wanted a mouthful of my cum like a big horny cocksucker, himself.

"If every man sucked cock as good as you do, I don't think there would be any straight men left. Www sexichat.

Your lips feel wonderful on a man's dick.

You know that, don't you, Ben?" He stopped sucking me for a moment.

"I've been told that through some glory holes before.

I used to like to suck cocks in adult bookstores before I met Jennifer at the Pink Pussycat and we started dating. Aizac987 sexi adult videos.

With her, I was able to go to sex clubs and suck men's cocks together with her.

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Besides his lips on my dick, his fingers felt superb in my tight little ass, as well. Mature women sex chat.

I wanted him to fuck me there really good with his big cock and I was glad he was getting me ready for it.

"I'm ready to cum in your mouth and then I want you to fuck me in my ass the way I saw Ms.

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Do it where you lay back and hold me in your arms and I ride your cock like I'm sitting down on it.

" "I'll be glad to do it that way," said Ben.

"Now, cum in my mouth like a good little girl-next-door in red panties would.

" "Anytime," I said smiling.

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Big Ben put his hairy face back in my crotch and his hot lips started sucking me like he really wanted lots of cum in his mouth. Top site sexcam.

That's the most tremendous feeling a girl can get from a guy.

Knowing a man wants his mouth full of her sweet cum is a great aphrodisiac for a girl and I was loving it as much as they do. Skladkaya xxxporno chat bezplatni.

I put my hand on the top of his head while he bobbed up and down on me and sucked away all of my worries.

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