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Can you have sex when pregnant. as she threw her arms

I knew that Rachel had yet to run the cane along my inner thighs.

I automatically went up on tip toes but could do nothing to prevent the flurry of strokes on my ball sac.

She must have flicked the cane at least a dozen times maybe more.

A present for me, and for Rachel’s adorable Emma. Www sex arabix.

OK Dad, get back in place.

I stood up and returned to my place next to Susie who was still sniffing with the pain.

OK you two, take it you have been disciplined, and I am now far less tense, so you can go to bed and I won’t mind if you make some noise.

Not too much, but some. Webcam clup.

Understood? Rachel looked at Emma and they returned smiles.


Emma got aroused by watching us disciplined, she always did.

Yes Rachel, we both said together.

Rachel picked up the hairbrush and still holding the cane walked out of the room followed by Emma who closed the door. 1 webcam girl.

Susie and I looked at each other but the first thing we both did was rub our bottoms just as hard as we could.

You OK? I asked Susie.

Sure, she replied.

It wasn’t so bad I guess.

Don’t say that too loudly, I cautioned, and that removed the tension and we were both giggling. Bombonella92 onlinesex chat com.

Well we know that, and we did bring it on ourselves, I said She must be happy with us with how she finished off our caning.


What, the cane strokes or what she did afterwards? The cane strokes, its’ just we haven’t had so few strokes of the cane since Mayan. Guy self fuck.

We both wondered whether Rachel was getting soft.

Do you need a cuddle? I asked smiling.

Yes and more.

Now come here, Susie said as she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me close.

Can you have sex when pregnant.