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She was still trying to dance to the funky sexual beat, and the tonka-tonka sound of her clunking cowbells sounded incredibly obscene.

She crouch-walked out to the end of the runway, pumping her juicy pale cunt at every step, her cowbells jerking and bouncing and swinging heavily--and then she grabbed the pole with one hand and braced one bare foot high on it, completely exposing her pale, bald crotch, and began to slide that big black dildo all the way in and all the way out, as openly as possible. Szindy black porno.

My innocent-faced Millie crouched on one fat, bare leg and hunched and came, bouncing her heavy cowbells with her hardworking arm as she fucked herself off naked and wide open for the staring mob.


She was struggling to keep her blue eyes open, staring out at the crowd that thrilled and scared and embarrassed her all at once and made her fight to keep from cumming hard before them, and lose, and lose, and lose again. Long sex movies shemales extrem.

I had told her what to do, and she was doing it.

After hopping around the pole on one bare foot--you can't imagine what that looked like--to make sure everyone saw her spasming, dripping, deeply impaled hole and cruelly heavy, swinging cowbells, Millie squatted on the edge of the stage and began to bounce on her dildo, jacking it off with her exposed fat cunt and making her stretched-out tits get yanked and milked and pulled as the cowbells bounced and clanked and clattered.

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Of course she came again--and again, and again.

She rose up for a moment, and centered the big dildo on her teeny pink asshole, to cheers and howls of lust-- No one but Millie and I knew; this would be her very first anal penetration.

I wanted her to take it squatting naked in the spotlight in front of a staring crowd, with cowbells on her nipples and a thousand men's eyes on her tender, secret, stretching sphincter. Gay webcam pornhub.

She sank down on the dildo, mouth and eyes open wide, feeling her virgin asshole get opened up in a public display.


The expression on her sweet, round baby face was priceless; she looked frightened, hugely embarrassed, horrified that this enormous crowd of strangers was watching her take a dildo up her asshole for the first time, and on the edge of orgasm, all at once. Sex dating in west point california.

She squatted lower and lower till her fat ass was almost down on the stage, and the dildo was in her all the way to the base.

As I had ordered, she peeled her fat white cunt wide open in the spotlights and exhibited her swollen, red, and sloppy-wet hole to everyone as she rose toward yet another public naked orgasm, and she kept holding it open as she came, with fuck-me juice drooling from her squeezing, spasming pussy and dripping down onto the base of the dildo up her ass.

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She was forbidden to close her eyes, and she had to look back at the hundreds of howling, grinning men as she showed them all her orgasming pussy, her stretched-out and deeply impaled anus, and her stretched-out, swollen-to-bursting red nipples, bare to her pretty toes. Chaturbate lolamartha webcam.

And then she stood up and began to dance naked with a dildo up her ass and cowbells hanging from her knobs.

She turned and bent over and showed off the dildo, her clunking cowbells almost on the floor and an inch of thick black stump sticking out of her red, taut ring of violated anal hole.

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She fingered her bare pussy under it, exposing her fat red clit with one pretty hand and pulling and popping it openly with the other.

She stood up straight and began to wiggle around the stage, cowbells clanking, holding that dildo up her ass "no hands.

" Speaking of "no hands," I thought. Big ass sexy black girl porn star.

I placed my beer bottle on the edge of the stage, and I pushed it forward slightly.

Millie saw it, and did as she had been ordered; she hunch-danced over to it, crouched, and as the crowd whooped and cheered, she impaled her pussy on its long neck--and then picked it up, with her hands behind her head.

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She struggled to hold onto it as she carried it around the stage, fat legs cocked outward, crouch-walking awkwardly, still hunching her fat ass to swing and toss the bottle, shaking her huge tits and clanking her heavy cowbells.

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