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Her orgasm was intense as she thrust her hips against her hand, trying to milk every last drop of feeling from her orgasm.







" She pulled me close to her, and since my hand was out of the way, the back of her hand came in contact with my pussy lips. Kristen bell the lifeguard sex.

I moved my hips in a circular motion to let her know I wanted her hand to touch my hungry pussy.

She pulled me close with a hand spread wide in the middle of my ass cheeks and I could feel her knuckles press against my clit, as well as her palm pressing hard against my ass. Hot leve sex webcom.

She was well aware of where her hand was, and moved it slowly against my moist pussy lips.

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My hand on her ass caressed her smooth butt cheeks, my fingertips grazing her puckered touch hole.

We kissed again, then laid still in each others embrace, silent in the total darkness. Pussycash tamil sex chating sing up.

The only thing I could hear was Shelly's deep, heavy breathing.

"We should build another fire in the fireplace.

It's getting colder in here," I said, breaking the silence.

"I really don't want to move, but you're right.

it is getting colder in here.

" Shelly brought her hand up slowly from my pussy lips, the back of her fingers brushing against my clit as she did so. Julie porno video.

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I caught her hand somehow in the dark and put her pussy rubbing fingers in my mouth to taste her juices on them.

"You're making me horny again, Alicia.

Stop that!" "You are always horny, especially when a bunch of boys are around.

" "Yes, but.

you're making me horny for you again.

" "Well, come on, let's get our jackets on, build another fire in the fireplace, then get the blankets from the bed and snuggle up on the bear rug," I suggested. 3g sex chats.

We did as I suggested and were soon snuggled together on the bear rug in front of the fireplace.

The fireplace helped to warm the cabin up at least a little bit, as well as provide plenty of light for us to see each other by.


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about what we just did. Mlsssha webcam private show.


I don't know what came over me," I tried to explain.

"I know what came over you, Alicia.

We were horny for each other.

God, I've been horny for you for months now, but was afraid to let you know how I felt.

I didn't want you to know how much I loved your beautiful butt, and how I wanted to take it and squeeze it when we were in the showers. Defendents did not have a sexual harassment policy or.

Didn't you notice how much I bumped into you to get a little feel of it? That's why we joked about being gay so much, it was always on our minds.

" "Yeah.

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you're right! I remember how I stared at your pointed, perky breasts in the locker room, picturing in my mind how the boys must love munching on your proud, haughty nipples and wishing I could do it too," I admitted.

"I must have been horny for you for a long while without even realizing it, too.

" The sound of a zipper echoed through the room as Shelly pulled her jacket zipper down, and opened her jacket to expose her pert breasts under the blankets. Pregnant camgirls porn sites.

Slowly, I reached out my shaky hand, and placed it on Shelly's firm stomach, which she didn't try to push away.

My heart started pounding at the thought of Shelly's move of invitation, and I slid the palm of my hand slowly upward until my fingertips met up with a perky breast.

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Our eyes were locked in a stare at each other in the dim firelight that was filled with just about every positive emotion there is.

I slid my fingers up her perky breast until I found her hard, pointy little nipple.

I took a quick intake of air as I found the little button of a nipple and toyed with it between my trembling thumb and index finger. Dirtycoupboys webcam chat for girls.

Without breaking her stare, her hand came to the back of my head and gently guided it down under the blankets.

It didn't take any pressure at all for my head to duck under the covers where my hungry mouth engulfed Shelly's sweet, perky nipple, the one I was longing to munch on like a little boy.

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I flicked my tongue rapidly and lightly over Shelly's lovely nipple.

I heard Shelly take a gasp of air.

"Ooo, yeah, Alicia, like that.

just like that.

" I moved to her other breast so it wouldn't feel slighted and lovingly took it deep into my mouth.

I rapidly flicked my tongue over her erect nipple as we lay there on the bear rug under the blankets. Pakistan live nude sex videos.

Her luscious breasts were everything I had imagined they would be and more! Goddd, how I loved those lovely breasts.

Still do.

"Oh, yeah.

Touch me now, Alicia.

touch me like a bad boy while you do that.

" In answer to her request, I reached down and put my hand on her lower abdomen, knowing what she wanted and what I was eager to do.

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I slid my hand down through her patch of pubic hair and found the delightful little slit she had been playing with earlier.

Continuing to suck her breast, my fingers made friends with the little pink button just at the top of her butterfly lips.

I slid my finger into her love hole, she was sopping wet like I knew she would be. Sexsi vidio video.

This was the first pussy I've ever played with, besides my own, and this was my best friend Shelly's lovely pussy.

I was intoxicated with passion as I did to her pussy what I do to my own aching pussy.

I started to lovingly pet her little pink bump, her clitoris.

"Oh, Alicia, I love how you do that!

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" She wants me to be a boy? Okay then, I'll be a boy.

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