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The sex with Sally was wild and abandoned as it had been the first time we met and I would return to Alexis' side exhausted and with a red, raw back.

This is the story of our first meeting outside of the club and the unexpected end to the night.

It was coming up to Alexis' birthday and I asked Mike and Sally if they would be interested in a vanilla night out to celebrate. Annaplayboy random sex video chat.

They eagerly accepted and asked if, after the meal, we would be interested in returning to theirs for the night.

We just as eagerly accepted their invitation.

As it was going to be a celebration of Alexis' birthday and she really loves Italian food, we looked for and booked a table for four at a lovely restaurant midway between both our homes.

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We arranged to meet at the restaurant and by pure coincidence arrived in the car park at the same time.

As was customary by now we immediately swapped partners and went in and announced our arrival.

We were informed that our table was just being prepared and would we like to take a seat in the bar area from where we would be collected once everything was ready. Big butt teen webcam.

We got our usual drinks, beer for Mike, fruit cider for Alexis and a glass of Prosecco for Sally, as per normal I got a large Coke.

I never drink and drive, not even one it is just far too risky.

Both Alexis and Sally were wearing skater-style bodycon dresses which were tight on the upper torso and flared out from the waist.

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I love that style of dress as I think it looks incredibly sexy which, in the case of the two ladies, it absolutely was.

A waitress came over and asked us to follow her to our table and as soon as we sat down Sally immediately put her hand on my groin and started to gently stroke it. Big dick gay webcam.

I returned the favour by putting my hand on her knee and starting to slide it upwards; one of the nice things about the dress she was wearing was that once she sat down it slid up her thigh revealing most of her long slender legs.

Aware that we were in public, the sexual antics were kept at a minimum during the meal, although Sally would whenever the opportunity presented itself place her hand on the inside of my thigh and gently rub up and down my leg, causing me to get hard from her teasing.

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The meal was delicious, but we were all keen to move on and so, having paid for the meal, we jumped into our cars and I followed Mike back to their house.

We parked next to them and taking our overnight bag from the boot we followed them into the house. Webcam live sex recorded video.

We were quickly shown around the house and then, getting a glass of wine each, we retired to their living room.

The conversation was limited as we quickly started kissing, releasing all the built-up tension and passion which had built up during the evening because we were in a public place. Sex chat cz.

Hands were caressing and rubbing bodies through clothing, my left hand was running up and down Sally’s leg slowly getting higher and higher until I could feel the heat of her pussy through the thin strip of material covering it.

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Sally moaned as I achieved my aim and slowly started to caress her pussy through her panties. Hung tuscumbia male looking for sexy wet woman.

Her hand was rubbing my hardening cock through my jeans.

She slipped her hand inside my jeans so that she could play with my balls; her other hand was fumbling with my belt and buttons on my jeans all whilst still kissing.

My hands continued to explore her body through the outside of her dress. Girl to fuck kenilworth.

Eventually, she released my cock from its imprisonment; quickly she had her mouth around it sliding up and down, her warm mouth driving me to distraction, and quickly I could feel myself getting very close to cumming.

In an attempt to delay my gratification I pulled her up and we resumed kissing, I slowly lowered the zip on the back of her dress and slid it down over her shoulders.

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Sally stood up and pulled the dress all the way down, slowly revolving so that by the time the dress hit the floor she was turned away from me wiggling her arse.

I slapped it so that the sound of my hand hitting her bare butt cheek rang out.

Alexis and Mike looked over at us laughing; they had not got to the undressing stage yet, although Mike clearly had his hand underneath Alexis' dress. Leylasalvatore sex webcam with out registrtion.

Sally spun around and grabbed my cock.

We are not going to do that again now, are we? she said, putting on a mock menacing voice.

No, of course not, I said, matching her commanding voice with a meek voice of my own, Well, not unless you want me to?

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Standing up, she took hold of my cock and led me out of the room by it, up the stairs to the bedroom. Sex tonight yadkinville.

Turning around, she let go of my cock and started to kiss me passionately.