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Jimmy looked into her eyes and watched her smile.

"How old did you say you were?" she asked, breathlessly.


Old enough to be your daddy, almost.

Why?" "I thought men were supposed to lose their sexuality as they aged.

It seems to me that you just get better with age. Webcam young teen masturbation.

That was the most amazing sex I've ever had.

" "I don't think we're done yet," he said simply, feeling his cock begin to harden again inside her still throbbing pussy.

"You're kidding," she breathed, feeling him begin to swell.

"That never happens.

It just proves how good you really are," he said, his lips returning to hers.

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Her mouth tasted so good.

His hands reached over her body, cupping her firm breasts and he fed the tip of one of them to his lips, suckling at her.

There was no part of her beautiful body that he didn't want to explore carefully.

He rose to his knees, pulling his stiff shaft from her cum soaked vagina. Ecstasy9 xxx sex chat online african.

Grasping her legs, he urged her onto all fours.

Grasping her breasts from behind her, he slid his cock back into her slippery pussy and began gently stroking her again.

His hands slid down her body, massaging her back as he fucked her, stroking her thighs, and legs, sliding around her hips to find her pulsing clit, touching it gently, flicking at it while she sighed low in her throat.

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Bending over her, he kissed her back and neck, smelling the sweet scent of her hair.

Suddenly, Molly's legs shot out from under her and she fell to the bed, pulling away from him, climaxing yet again, groaning, shaking.

Robbed of the sweet pussy, Jimmy spread her beautiful twin globes apart, admiring the dark hole that was revealed.

"Do it!" she breathed, I want to feel you in my ass again. Free live fuck chat with married girls.

With no further urging, Jimmy fitted his slippery cock to the puckered hole and carefully leaned forward.

Her dark hole flowered open as the pressure increased, and with a contented sigh, Molly arched her ass up to meet him, engulfing his hardness while he leaned further, easing his pole deeper into her body, the incredible tightness of her ass raising his lust for her.

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When their bodies met, Molly squeezed her sphincter, clamping him tightly to her.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!" she groaned through clenched teeth, her fingers clutching at the sheets.

Never willing to turn down the request of a beautiful woman, Jimmy grasped her hips as he leaned back and watched with some fascination as her anal flesh was pushed in and pulled out as he thrust in and out of her with tiny strokes, loosening her sweet ass.

"Pleeeease!" she begged. Fuck buddies of salamanca.

Tightening his grip on her thighs, Jimmy began fucking her tight hole harder, working her ass with long sensuous out-strokes and hard thrusts as he re-entered her, their bodies slapping together as they met, her beautiful breasts swinging, just grazing the smooth sheets with every stroke.

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Sweat began to form on her smooth back and she began to moan loudly while he grunted with each stroke of his hardened cock.

Her ass was so beautifully tight, engulfing him, drawing him into her once again.

He could feel her membrane being pushed aside as he skewered that sweet hole, stimulating his lust engorged staff, each stroke more sensuous than the last. Indian webcam chat.

In his mind he could see his cock spurting cum deep into her bowels and that became the driving picture in his head.

Filling this beautiful woman's demanding body with his sticky cum.

Molly lowered her head onto her hands, her mind concentrating on the feelings in her clit.

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Each thrust in her ass seemed to trigger a jolt of electricity in her sensitive bud.

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