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I was woken by the gorgeous maid that had answered the door when I had arrived.

She smiled at me and led me by the hand up the stairs into a large comfortable bedroom.

She lay me back and climbed onto the bed next to me.

She started kissing my body and licking me. Lorenasweet hot chicks on webcam.

It wasn’t long before her tongue was buried deep inside my pussy and I could feel her literally licking all the cum out of me.

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Her fingers and her tongue probed my pussy, and she seemed to be getting as much of it out of me.

It wasn’t long before she was kissing me passionately as her fingers worked my pussy. Telugu samantha sex.

I groaned into her mouth, and soon I was having the best orgasm of the night.

She pulled her fingers from me and lay flat on top of me.

We kissed slowly, and I could feel my body slowly shake from the exhaustion of a night full of sex.

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I soon fell fast asleep.

oO0Oo I awoke in a strange bed, slowly remembering the previous evening's sexcapades.

I smiled to myself as my pussy tingled from all the attention of the previous night.

I walked into the en-suite bathroom and stepped into the shower.

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