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Thank you very much, I said to him.

No, thank you, baby girl.

He said, reaching for my hand that was resting on my thigh.

Come to bed.

Are we going to fuck? my tone unsure.

He had just cum.

I could handle waiting until tomorrow to fuck- if I truly had too.

I really didn’t want to. Jasmin web cam sex.


Do you really think I wouldn’t fuck you tonight? No, but you just came.

And in a bit, I’ll be ready again.

For the time being, let’s pleasure you.

He said with a smile that left me gleaming, and my cunt tingling with delight.

Yes sir.

I answered back.

He took my hand and brought me over to our bed. Online gay webcams.

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Lay down.

Yes Master.

I slid onto the bed, relaxing on my back.

My legs were bent upwards, and as Brandon climbed onto the bed, he pushed them down flat.

His body straddled mine.

My insides pulsed, I could feel my clit throbbing; begging to be touched.

I felt him above me, his scent intoxicating. Free webcam shows no app no signup.

He leaned down and kissed my chest, all the way down to my belly button.

He moved down me, and told me to spread my legs a bit.

He kissed my panties.

Why the fuck did they have to be in the way? He must have realized I was the on the verge of exploding, because he slid my panties down to my ankles, before taking them off and tossing them aside.

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Brandon once again leaned in and kissed that spot.

This time it was my skin.

That was the first time, somebody had touched down there.

I’d blown cocks, and stroked them, but never let anybody down there.

My body was his; he would be and was the first to touch it. Bangladeshi live sex.

I squirmed with every kiss, my body tingling, and small gasps escaped my throat.

Aubrey, you’re cunt is so perfect.

You taste delectable.

He told me before kissing again.

I felt his tongue a moment later.

It ran across that area, hitting my clit.

I moaned aloud. Olivia treville porno.

I tried to watch as he did all of this, but I couldn’t focus on him, only on the pleasure I was receiving.

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I’d spoken to my gal friends about being eaten out, and they all said it felt amazing, and I finally understood everything, they had ever said.

His fingers glided up my pussy, and I felt him slide them into me. Evansville indiana women who want sex.

Holy fuck.

I breathed out.

You’re soaked.

He said, simply to me.

Yeah, that’s your doing.

I said back to him.

His index, middle and ring finger were thrusting in and out of my tight cunt.

Each thrust inside of me, hit my g-spot, leaving me breathless, usually followed by a rather loud moan. Free sex webcams and free adult porno chat.

My hips met each of his thrusts, leaving us going to together in a smooth motion.

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He picked up the pace, and my body was ready to explode.

His thumb started rubbing my clit, in small circular motions, and that was going to throw me over the edge.

Master, may I please cum? Riley steele porno. I begged.

Not yet.

Yes Master.

I answered back.

It was practically impossible not to cum, and I tried to wait until he gave me permission, but I couldn’t and begged once again.

Please Master, please, I’m going to fucking explode, please allow me to cum.

My words ran out in what sounded like one long word, but he understood. Amazingwomen sex chat no webcam.



His tone was stern; throwing me over the edge.

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I did in fact cum, my body squirming in delight.

Moans and a jumble of words came from my mouth.

Most of the words were a variation of fuck, and oh my god.

Once my body began to calm down, I lay there quivering. Xxhuggable sex girls chat arabeck live free.

My body wouldn’t relax, partly because Brandon was still rubbing me and stroking my clit.

I was close to cumming once more.

Fuck, may I please cum again? Who are you asking? Master, may I please cum once more? My words came out in almost a yell.

If he didn’t answer quickly I was going to cum around his fingers again, honestly permission or not, I was going to.

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I came hard and fast around his fingers.

Cussing and quiet screams arose from my throat.

Sweat began to form at my forehead; my body felt like two hundred degrees.

He stopped rubbing me, and I lay there shaking, and moaning.

Finally, I began to relax. Fresh virgin fucking galleries.

My breathing, though still irregular, was calmer.

I was able to focus again.

Taste yourself.

He said, as he put his fingers towards my mouth.

I opened, accepting them.

My juices were something I’d always loved to taste.

It was just so sweet and well yummy.

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