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We all lay on the bed chatting and then Mike and Sally retired to the other bedroom.

Alexis cuddled up to me; we kissed and slowly drifted off to sleep, exhausted but happy.

A few hours later I woke with a start as a hand touched my back.

I turned over quickly and Sally kissed me. Kareena photo sex.

I thought I would come and join you two, she whispered and then climbed over me so that she could lie between Alexis and me.

Sally kissed Alexis, gently waking her up.

Alexis moaned as she came round and, realising who was kissing her, started to respond. Sex video alison tyler.

Sally slid down Alexis' body and started to kiss and lick her pussy.

I moved over and took one of Alexis’ nipples in my mouth, using my tongue to lick and tease it.

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I could feel it harden and Alexis groaned and arched her back.

I moved up and started to kiss Alexis as she moaned into my mouth from the feeling of Sally licking her pussy. Racyrachelle www chatfreesex com.

Sally suddenly turned her attention to me and I felt her hands slide up my legs, closely followed by her warm mouth engulfing my quickly hardening cock.

Alexis shuffled round and returned the favour to Sally by slowly licking and fingering Sally's wet cunt. Sexydesire69 web sex uzivo.

I, in turn, pulled Alexis' legs apart and started to lick her pussy.

Moans were becoming louder as we all felt the heat and passion rising in us.

Sally broke off from sucking my cock and pulled Alexis up to her, kissing and licking her own pussy juice from around Alexis' mouth.

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As they kissed I slid up from between Alexis' legs, my cock coming to rest between her arse cheeks as I tried to join in a three-way kiss.

Tongues snaked out and intertwined and I felt a hand reach down and grab my cock.

It belonged to Sally and she guided my cock to the entrance of my wife's pussy. Dakotasex webcam.

A stream of words flew from her mouth as passion took over.

"Go on; fuck her good and hard like you did me, reclaim your wife's cunt from Mike.

" Those words were so horny and I felt my cock get even harder than it already was and more than I thought possible. Hot naughty serious sexy slut.

I pushed my hips forward and my cock slid deep into my wife's pussy.

She moaned but that was stifled by Sally who grabbed her face in both hands and started to kiss her passionately.

Alternative sex personals montreal. Alexis

I grabbed her hips and plunged in and out of Alexis, whose moaning was getting louder with every thrust. Anisyia livejasmin sex.

I could see Sally fingering herself as she watched the sight unfold.

I knew that Alexis has the strongest orgasms when she is on top so I withdrew and Alexis instinctively straddled me; again I felt Sally's hand guide my cock back into Alexis' pussy and within seconds, Alexis was bouncing up and down. Www malayaly sex.

It was not long before she suddenly tensed and let out a loud groan which turned into a wail and I felt her juices flood down around my cock and soak into the sheets.

Alexis gripped me tight as she got her breath back and then she leaned forward and started to kiss me.

"Oh, wow that was incredible, I have never seen somebody come so strongly," said Sally.

"It's your turn to get fucked," responded Alexis, clearly getting into the foul-mouthed atmosphere as she never talked like that at home normally.

"Get those legs open and your cunt ready to get fucked.

" Sally wasted no time in lying on her back and she fingered her pussy as Alexis took a condom from the side and rolled it down my cock.

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Looking me in the eye, the new foul-mouthed Alexis continued, "You fuck her good and hard, I want to see your cock deep in her, hear the sound of your cock slamming into her and her pussy juices squelching, I want to watch her come.

" With that, she guided my cock to the entrance of Sally's pussy and slapped my arse as I pushed into her. Www pornsex priti zinta photo.

I grabbed Sally's legs and pulled them slightly wider apart and started to pound her hard.

"Oh my god, oh my fucking god," gasped Sally and her hands went to my neck and back.

"Oh, no you don't, you slut, you are not ripping his back like you usually do; you’re going to take this fucking good and hard, like a good little whore.

" Alexis grabbed her hands and pulled them roughly down to the bed, pinning her down.

Alternative sex personals montreal. Alexis
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She started to kiss Sally who screamed into her mouth with pleasure as I continued to fuck her hard.

"What are you? What are you?" repeated Alexis "I am a good little whore, I am your slut," responded Sally.

"Fuck me, use my tight cunt for both your pleasures, I am your sex toy to be used however you want.

" Sally was clearly enjoying this slave-type role. Mature webcam solo tube.

I felt her legs pressure increase against my hand as she tried to close them, I released her legs from my grip.

Instantly they wrapped around my back.

Again, she started to moan, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" repeatedly and then her hips lifted off the bed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

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