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He gripped her chin and forced her face towards Lucius.

"Why don't you show yourself to our lord?" Oh God, she was beyond anything he'd ever seen! Her eyes were a pale yellow and her lips full and round, they were luscious enough for him to shove his cock into.

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She was dressed in a pink tank top that hung loose and barely covered the swell of her firm boobs.

Her hair was tousled and she had a sleepy look on her face.

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Today is Thursday and I am to tell you that Monday is 'up or out' day.

" At Carrie's look, Karen explained.

"The Board needs to know by Monday whether Sam is going to accept the promotion and agree that both of you will be participants in The Arrangement, or if Sam will opt for the severance package.

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Steve and Isabel carried the bags up for Warren and Anna.

They explained about the amenities of the inn and the different policies.

Clothing of some sort was mandatory in the dining room, but was optional everywhere else.

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Maybe that’s what actual sex addicts needed, like the slutty cheerleader who had read us her diary the day before, about fucking half of her wedding party in a drugged out gangbang.

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From El Paso, the route turned northwest.

The day had ended when they pulled into a Pilot Travel Center on the southern edge of Tucson.

By now Curtis knew the routine.

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I didn't see him there so I sat and ate by myself.

A couple of girls at one of the tables looked up at smiled when I sat down.

I smiled back, then read the Bangkok Post which they had on a table at the front.

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After thoroughly cleaning our cum from the girls, we all relaxed for a few minutes and talked about what had happened.

Then we decided to swap girls and begin the process all over again.

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They moved into a doggy-style position, and he played with her large (and natural, of course) breasts as he entered her from behind.

Oh, my dear brother, Mary cried out, I am so happy we are engaging in this.

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As my chest started to heave with laboured breaths, he brought his hands onto my thighs coasting up and down, but taking a more sensual approach on the up stroke.

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The app then asked, Are you sure? and Janet again clicked ‘yes’.

The app then displayed, A gangbang means multiple, continuous partners.

Are you sure that is what you want?

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This was something apparantly we both had fantasized about. I reached under your legs and pulled your lower body upwards, kissing your tummy as you rubbed your panty covered pussy against my stomach, then my chest.

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He felt her teeth closing on his neck and pulled harshly on her soft white hair, ripping her away as he would have a bloodbug.

Her body bent for him to show that she was still perfect, covered in sweat, her tongue hanging from her lips and rubbing herself on his knee, leaving an ever wider smear of her juices on his pants.

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I would get the last laugh.

I was due to erupt and it was going to be all over Ann’s panties as I took them to the laundry basket.

I done just that and even tried her panties on.

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How boring.

Well, I’m certainly not threatening.

She was on her second cup of coffee when the doorbell rang.

She padded to the door, scooping up Maurice on her way.

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Some evenings, she would even have a quickie.

or two.

in the back of the bar or the back of a car before settling on her choice for the evening.

But recently, men have been avoiding her as they have been avoiding all women.

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They are for a very 'well endowed' man.

These will simply fall off a normal sized man.

Are you sure you want these, or did you mean to buy regular condoms.

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It was Chris and Melinda.

and they were obviously in the middle of really getting to know each other at last.

Each had a hand on the other's pussy.

I couldn't see how many fingers were up each cunt but it was more than one.

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Cassie could hardly contain herself.

I straddled his face, and begged him to lick me.

'Fuckin' hell you're wet', he said.

But he gave me a spectacular orgasm, and I squirted all over his face, and he lapped it up.

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Now Clyde had easy access to her sex, butt hole, and her poor naughty naked bottom.

To make sure you don’t talk during this part of your punishment, I am going to use this ball gag on you.

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Robert replied, I would love to marry you! Yes, he has accepted everything that we have asked so far so maybe… I hope so, she replied, he said that he is happy that I call you my husband now, and that I say that I am your wife.

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Sometimes Susan wondered whether some decisions were not made much in advance, only to wait upon opportunities wherein they might later present themselves.

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Grant, don’t stop.

Give it to me harder.

My loving assault on her chest intensified until she screamed out both in pain and pleasure.

When I had let the nipple pop from my mouth, Mac pulled my face between her breasts.

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They moved themselves back onto the bed.

Lana pulled the sheet up to cover her sweating, quivering body.

Tommy lay beside her and covered himself as well.

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His teeth scraped gently over my areolae before pinching down on my nipple.

It made me draw in a sharp breath.

I was worried that he’d bite too hard.

But he didn’t, he wouldn’t.

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I ran my finger over my swollen clit and felt my body quiver, my other fingers rubbing my thick pubic hair.

I began to make light circles around my clit, making sure to tease my opening with my middle finger.

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Oh baby-girl rides me hard, put me away wet! She moved and slid that wanting pussy down hard on my throbbing member.

She then reached down, and pinched her nipples hard, rolling then between my fingers and began to talk dirty.

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The shock ran through my body again.

Mmmmm… Using a second finger, I pressed down onto my clit, rubbing it gently.

I thought of a man with strong hands and a long hot tongue lapping at my pussy, stroking me and teasing me while his hands reached up my body and to feel my breasts, tugging on my nipples making them super hard.

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She showed not the slightest awareness of me.

Until one day, I had taken a vacated seat.

The driver had shouted for people to, Move along the bus, please as they do, and there she was, stood beside me, our positions reversed from the previous similar encounter.

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Since Harriet was so popular I had countless hateful words being shot straight at me from all angles.

My twitter was clogged up with hatred, my ask fm consisted of the words slut, whore and slag.

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Have y— The women take the brunt of the attention, so to speak, Gary said easily, but every senior manager can expect to suck cock every so often.

I have not yet been required to yield my ass up, but many of my colleagues have.

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The mindless beast that roared and howled at the sight and scent of its mate.

The fur around Kelly's black pussy lips was matted down with her juices.

"Come to me," she crooned.

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I was having the time of my life.

None of these things were part of any fantasy of mine but I knew they were his.

I was a just a blank sheet of paper ready to be written on.

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It was a wonderful and gorgeous evening.

The whole time I dated Thomas, I was fucking my previous boyfriend Jack.

Jack is bisexual and in love with his boyfriend, but we still have sex all the time.

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Fearful that he might break her neck, she desperately clutched at his arm trying to take the strain off her neck and back.

He started licking his own cum off of her breasts.

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Instead, there was a heady mirth I can come to recognize as lust.

If I could break her barriers, even just a little, I knew she’d let me at her tasty hot pussy.

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Every question I had was answered.

All I knew now was happiness.

I could tell she felt the same way.

We didn't know what else do know now, so we just sat there and enjoyed each others embrace.

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The other guy then finished off inside her pussy with Dawn sitting at the edge of the table and the guy standing there humping her, making her bounce her bottom on the table top each time he thrust into her.

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We didn’t need to walk the tight-rope of discovery because we already knew one another intimately, both the dark parts and the light. At ease, we talked, touched and kissed lightly, both being careful not to rush.

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I rubbed his thighs and stomach marginally as well, which just tipped his scales a little bit more.

His body twitched, and his smile never disappeared.

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