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We were like two old souls who’d been reunited after so long apart.

The more he rubbed the inside of my thigh, the hotter the blood coursing through my veins became.

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It also seemed that the girls were spending much more time at Amy’s home than at ours, but I didn’t think too much of it at the time.

With all the foregoing as background, I can now get to the real story.

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I had to get out of here and fast or else I was going to have one hell of a freakout.

I finished up my signature and gave him back the clipboard before he handed me my box.

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She’ll throw me out and I have nothing, Abigail.

Abigail turned her face away, unwilling to hear her mother’s rant again.

You talk to that man, Abby.

Dissuade him from this scandalous pursuit.

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He smiled and lowered his mouth between her legs.

His lips kissed her pouting pussy lips and the new feeling sent a shiver up her spine.

A moan escaped her lips when his tongue began working her clit.

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I crawled over her lean body as she sat back, propped up on my pillows.

For the very first time, I had a very good look at her angelic face, up close and personal, as my steel rod rested on her lower abdomen.

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She could feel it twitching and growing ever harder inside her and yearned for nothing more than to feel it inside her, but she knew this was not the way things were done.

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She composed the email and sent it off about the same time she heard her dad’s car pull into the driveway.

She jumped up, started to run out the door to greet him, when she remembered she was nude, and could not go outside.

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When she gets out of school my brother says she will gets to run one of the film companies as her graduation present unless she decides to go onto college then that’s a different story.

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She shuddered as he cupped them, feeling their weight, and then slipped a hand behind his neck, tugging his lips toward them.

Mel whimpered when he sucked her stiff left nipple between his lips.

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she smiled.

He arrived on the dot of seven which I thought was a bit early for the kind of shenanigans Gayle had in mind, but I let her have her way as usual.

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I am trying to think of way to put this downhow it happened.

I guess I ought to write just like I have all the other entries.

It’s hard to write.

Hard to focus.

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Kneeling now, I moved down her youthful body, kissing and licking my way south towards her equator.

I found a shiny bauble at her navel to play with for a moment, taking it in my teeth and tugging gently on it hearing her moan again as I did.

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Elaine felt the ridge down the left thigh of her newfound friend.

She marvelled at the length and width of his cock through his jeans and wondered just how big this cock was that she now rubbed wantonly.

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He switched off his lights and ignition.

Still, Charlotte had been a good partner for him and they had two great children. He was really hoping for a third.

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I made slight changes in her pose so as to not lose her revealing position, but to help raise the hem even further.

Support Lush Stories Hunching down for a lower angle, I was getting open shots into her crotch -- not hard to do since her stockings were really long and extended just shy of her light-colored, nearly transparent panties.

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I left my suitcase there.

I walked deeper into the room and found an oversized king bed, balcony doors, and a dresser with a TV opposite the bed.

Alan had the TV on and was watching lesbian porn, my favorite.

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Yes mom, you’re amazing, replied James with feeling.

He was shameless now, there was nothing left to be lost.

He wanted his mother to know exactly how good he felt, and how much he desired her.

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Mistress moved her hand over the mushroom shape of my cock head.

She tried to coax the precum from within as the last ten strikes were administered.

They removed their hands from my cock and balls.

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Her long legs were on display in her sexy business skirt, and her luxurious dark hair was elegant and beautiful as always.

She arrived at the same time as Gary's present boss, Tom Parsons, and they exchanged polite greetings before each being directed to their respective table.

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Eyes wide, he stared into her as she locked lips with him again.

She began to lift him.

Urging him up to the final touch to the bar.

They parted so that they both could properly touch their chins, gazing at one another over the bar.

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As I felt the first wave orgasms wash over me, I pumped harder and faster on his fiery-hot shaft.

The vein on the underside of his thick shaft throbbed angrily against my palm as I felt his jism pulsing upwards towards freedom.

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I can feel my teeth graze against his shaft; he begins to move a bit faster.

The head of his cock keeps pushing into my throat with each thrust.

His pace quickens as I listen to his groans of pleasure.

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I just love how You pull against your bonds, and squirm like the slut you are.

Tell me!" "Oh master A, I'm Your pain slut! Please! I beg you, make me cum!" I crawled next to her and kissed her deeply.

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I didn't move to obey her; all I did was chuckle as she became more irritated with me.

"Shh, patience whore, you'll get what you want when I decide to give it to you," I whispered against her neck and bit her pale white skin.

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When he was completely hard, Isabel said, Fuck her, Warren.

Give her your hard cock.

Anna got on her back, Warren quickly plunging into her.

She took him easily.

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To be continued.

It had been a few weeks since I had my fun with Officer Friendly.

I had been looking out for him and had even called once and left a message but got no response.

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OK, I’ll play along but don’t expect me to take the lead, Blair chuckled as Cheryl smilingly led them into Mrs.

Simpson’s classroom.

Hi Mrs.

Simpson, it’s so nice to meet you, I’m Susan’s mother Cheryl Jefferson.

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She stopped me and said, Lay on your back daddy.

’ She then did the same to me; kissing my lips then moving slowly downward, until her lips were touching the tip of my cock.

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She told me she has a boyfriend.

Jenny made it sound like she wouldn't mess around.

" "That's cool.

I don't think people should fool around if they're going with someone.

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I stood up, Michelle’s legs still across my shoulder and slid my cock inside her juicy, wet pussy.

Oh God, it felt good from this position with Michelle’s legs bent up and over my shoulders, so deep inside her!

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He kissed his way down, pausing to nibble and lick at her neck, and breasts, and belly, and inner thighs.

In the flickering light from the fireplace and the multi-hued glow of the Christmas tree, she watched that lean nude body move over her, saw his hands parting her unresisting legs, and then felt a surge of erotic anticipation as his head disappeared into the shadowy junction of her thighs.

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Okay, I'll see you then.

Good night.

Are you sure I can't help you put them to bed? I'll handle that, I've done it so many times.

See you tomorrow, goodnight.

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My pussy has not been touched since before you left.

I lean in and kiss her thighs, kissing higher to her pussy lips.

I kiss along the full lips of her pussy, up and down over each lip.

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Little did I know how very easy it would be.

Charlotte answered the door clad in a long t-shirt, and barefoot, her dishwater blonde hair uncombed and hanging lazily across her shoulders.

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Kara got up on her toes and stretched to position the bag.

Her already short skirt rode up to where it barely covered her butt.

'At least,' she thought, 'I'm not wearing hose, so I don't have to worry about the tops showing.

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Once Victoria was adjusted to the size, she started bouncing.

Her cunt cream coating the foot buried deep in her pussy.

She looked down.

Her lips were thin; her hole stretched tight.

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LF wanted deeper, harder kisses down there.

She held me there kissing and licking until I gave her a small orgasm.

Artsy just stood back and watched us for a while, but when we started really having fun she stroked my shoulders and neck.

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He pushed his cock against her, sliding it into her hot, wet, cunt, and shouted, Oh Fuck! She wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper.

They rocked in the rhythm of lovers.

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While my hand continued to working her wet cunt, I started moving my cock in and out of her ass, staying slow and not too deep for a couple minutes.

I gradually upped the speed worked more of my engorged member inside of her clean, pink asshole, until I was fucking her quickly with more half of my cock.

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