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If there was one thing I certainly was, it was hungry.

It wasn’t a healthy appetite that I had, like one has after having done a good day's work and deserved a good meal, to refuel.

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I sucked him that way for about five minutes, until he pulled me up farther and pushed his big cock into my mouth.

I was struggling to take his massive cock head into my mouth, but soon was taking about seven inches of his thick meat.

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I swallowed nervously as I took a step towards the swamp and then stopped and turned my head quickly over my shoulder as I sensed I was being watched by someone or something.

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Unseen Blair quickly snapped a photo with his cellphone, gently closed the door so as not to make any noise, walked out to his car, and quietly drove away thinking I hope that Cheryl will agree that this is yet another reasonable accommodation.

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She scooted down until her face was inches from his cockhead and she began to stroke his cock.

"I was wondering when we were going to get to that blowjob I told you about!" She held his steel cock in her hand marveling at how big and hard he had gotten.

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Roger replied, Yeah, I know Jennifer told me the two of you talked.

Roger felt his dick twitch as his mind yelled, ‘God, this gal is a hot one.

’ Damn girl, I would have loved to of seen that, or better yet, join in the fun.

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Peter was now completely naked and smoking a large cigar, he had stepped out of his trousers, taken his shoes and socks off and laid his clothes over the back of his chair.

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I was almost embarrassed how aroused I was.

I held my cock and stroked my dick.

My cock felt great in my hands.

I held my smooth balls and continued to fantasize about her firm breasts.

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Samantha really enjoyed herself, especially playfully trying to retrieve her bikini top from Jay, who was wearing it around his neck and refusing to give it up.

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Her master grabs her by the hair and says,

You can and you will slave. You will take all I can give and then some.


Yes Master yes.

The spanking continues.

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He seemed genuinely happy with me.

Surely this wasn't real.

What was I getting myself into? Suddenly I was speaking.

I don't know if I can do this! He stopped mid-sentence and looked at me.

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Long story short, I went to the party and had way too much to drink.

There was a girl there that was in the band with me that was always coming on to me.

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He does the same with them, rubbing them lightly.

He pulls me into his arms for a long kiss, as he let’s go, he grins… Suck me clean, pet.

Yes Sir.

I say, biting my lip for a moment, I wriggle down to his cock, and I wrap my mouth him.

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Over the past year, he'd taught me a lot. A lot about myself, sexually and in everyday life. He brought out the submissive side of me. He taught me things about life, and what was around me.

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And football games; they both hated the school's football team and secretly rooted for whoever was playing their school.

Somehow Frank had started dating Kristy Demming, to no one's surprise.

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Although different from his more involved stories, the heated passion of the vignettes never failed to send her heart racing.

This time, she had the image of his gorgeous cock added to her visualization of the scene.

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What are you?

They both grabbed another glass of champagne from a passing tray.



Mercedes. From the Count of Monte Cristo.

Never read it.

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We all move in perfect rhythm, meeting each other's thrust.

I thrust deep and hard into your ass, as I start filling you.

I hear him grunt loudly as he fills Monica throat with his seed and you both cum too.

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I had a flat, hard stomach and that V cut at my hips that women went crazy for, and thickly muscled, solid legs.

A number of colorful tattoos offset my otherwise fair white skin.

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I gently finger the tip and squeeze it.

He moves back to me and pulls me into his erection and takes both of my ass cheeks into his hand. Rubbing, patting, fondling, squeezing my ass he pulls me into and back from his hard-on.

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Really, there was no need to dress up in a place like this.

When I opened the drawers, my eyes were met by a hoard of women's underwear.

There were panties in all sorts of colors and textures, stockings, garter belts, bras, bikinis, corsets and a long range of lingerie I couldn’t even name.

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No Purple Hearts.

Your Dad was very brave.

and very lucky! Lizzy opened the jar and emptied the contents.

These ‘little tin things’ are dog tags, Ben said.

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Of course, Sylvie agreed.

Is it working? Nah, said Mel.

We've been fucking your husband all weekend, and we will fuck him some more after you've gone, so fair's fair.

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I’m ready, I answered.

Hear that hubby.

Now go eat your slut wife's pussy.

wimp, Devonte said.

I don't think so, that's rather nasty.

My husband was never much of a pussy eater but he quietly got between my legs.

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Nine thirty is usually when the mailman gets to our house and at nine twenty eight Robert was looking out.

Here he comes baby, I heard Robert shout, get ready; get ready to show our mailman that gorgeous naked body.

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Betty came again as his cock rubbed her clit relentlessly as he exploded more cum into her.

Finally, their orgasms diminished and Robert, spent and exhausted, lay on his lover's body with his cheek against her cheek.

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It was at this moment that I was distracted by movement in the living room.

The front door to her apartment had opened and a guy had come in.

I watched as he tossed his keys on the counter and took his jacket off, draping it over one of the dining room chairs.

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We went into the living room.

Rick greeted us there, and also gave Alexis a huge hug.

Rick and Kaye sat on the couch, I sat in the other chair, and Alexis sat on the floor next to my legs.

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The glans was slightly larger than the shaft, and the ridge was also quite distinct.

"Johan, you are going to need to go slow and be careful when you enter me.

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I start examining the ground around the area that the beam came from and about 5m from the structure and 5m to the right of center there is a slab of the same material buried in the ground.

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If we make too many plans then we’ll have expectations. Let’s just see what develops. If you and Evan decide to be together, Rich and I will take the spare room.

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I realise I’ve involuntarily opened them up a fraction.

He slides a hand up my thigh and slips it round to between my legs, not too far up but just under the hem of my skirt and touching the tops of my stockings.

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Never the less, her words did register in my mind.

I must have slept for about two hours, when suddenly I was physically shaken out of sleep.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Jyoti instead of Sunita.

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He also put his empty takeaway packets into a carrier bag to take with him when he left next morning.

Karl explained to her the importance of not leaving any tell tale signs for a husband to see.

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We were getting carried away by the moment and our nervousness was momentarily forgotten.

As we faced our audience, Jay’s legs were apart giving them a clear view of my fingers teasing and playing with her bare pussy.

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It had a great view of the harbour and a very big bed.

Em was on a tight schedule of meetings and business dinners but the two nights at the end of her program were unallocated.

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Hmm is that what has got you fired up? She said while looking at my erection.

Um, err, um a little, you look so sexy right now, I said lamely.

Feeling a little confused I gave her a small nervous kiss.

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Her lips softened, melding to mine, and I felt her tongue probing.

I let her lead the intensity of the kiss, enjoying every second, especially when she began to unbutton her blouse and led my hand to cup her satiny bra while she continued to undo buttons.

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Rather than calling out to Samantha he walked upstairs, saw that Jen wasn’t in her room, got the dress suit and other clothing that he would need for his trip from his closet in the master bedroom, and was about to walk into his study to get some paper to leave Samantha a note when he heard noises that might be coming from the study.

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She climbed on top of the teenager and positioned her pussy over his cock.

He was quite large, but the old bag knew what she was doing.

Peter, it would probably be better if you fucked me from behind.

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