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She then told Jack that she desperately wanted a child.

Jack replied, Ruth, I will do everything I possibly can to give you a child.

If that does not work them we should adopt a child.

Ruth kissed Jack then said, I feel we will have a child.

I am so relaxed and comfortable when I am with you. 3d game sex online.

Jack, there will never be another man in my life.

You can have me for the rest of my life.

I don't mind sharing you with the coffee girls.

I also really enjoy having pussy.

I am looking forward to Jean and Pat tonight.

Jack had told her about a holiday he had with his parents in the Champagne region of France. Webcam erotica.

They had found a wonderful restaurant which was run by the son of a small Champagne producer.

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They had introduced Mary to it and now the Wine Company were selling it.

For them they sold a hundred cases a month, which was not a lot.

Jack then told her that the son cooked using the Sous-vide method. 1diana webcam model.

He had a very big business.

Sometimes he would cook for over three thousand people.

Jack then explained that the meals were cooked in vacuum packed pouches at very low temperatures for a long time.

Ruth then said, After the First World War my great grandfather bought a Chateaux in Champagne close to Epernay. Mistressnicco free webcam on facebook babes.

I have visited it when I was a child but haven't been there for years.

We still have it.

We have a housekeeper and gardener there to maintain the Chateaux but have extensive vineyards which we rent out to several Champagne houses.

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Jack replied, That is interesting. Mature webcam videos.

I am looking forward to visiting Champagne on our way home.

Ruth answered, We use Reims Airport a lot as all the Champagne Houses charter or we operate their jets for them.

I would love to visit the Chateaux again to see how it is today.

I am sure that it would make a first class hotel. Sex hidden camera school.

Jack, we are working.

What you have suggested about the meals needs to be investigated.

I get embarrassed often with the quality of the food we serve on the planes.

Jack then told her that one of the great French chefs had the contract with the French Railway to supply all the meals they served. Free sex chat em76em.

People were taking train journeys in the evening just to taste his food.

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Afterwards they showered and went downstairs for breakfast.

They had a full English breakfast every morning.

Maria got all the ingredients at the British supermarket in Gibraltar.

That evening they all went back to the Golf Club for dinner. Sexy single.

Jean owned a property in Sotogrande which she rented out to the manager of the Gibraltar Deutsche Bank.

The bank had taken the lease and every three or four years they changed the manager the villa was completely refurbished with every new manager.

Jean was also a member of the Golf Club and had suggested to Jack the next time they were there they should play. Kerala live webcam sex chat.

When they got back to the villa, Jack, Ruth, Pat and Jean went to the lounge.

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Ruth got some Champagne.

They had all enjoyed their meal.

They were all chatting.

They finished the first bottle then Ruth went for another.

Soon they all went upstairs to the master bedroom. Indian sex online webcam.

Jill and Joyce were sharing a bedroom next door but they went to the master bedroom first.

Jack was having some foreplay with Jean.

Soon he was inside her.

Twenty minutes later Jean orgasmed then Jack started on Pat.

Soon she had cum.

Then Jean and Pat went to their bedroom. Private sex com.

Jack started very slowly with Ruth who was very wet.

Ruth said, Jack, tomorrow we will fly Reims Airport.

I will organise this tomorrow.

We don't keep a car there so I will arrange a hire car as well.

Can you remember where this restaurant is?

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Jack replied, No problem. Webcam sex tube.

It is close to Epernay.

We ate there many times.

The chef's name is Serge.

His English is very good.

I spoke with him a lot.

He likes Scotch whisky so I gave him a bottle after our last meal.

I am sure he will remember me.

Ruth answered, I think we will buy another bottle in Gibraltar before we leave on Sunday. Toys masturbation webcam.

I will also have to phone the Chateaux to say we will be there on Sunday afternoon.

They then had a long session falling asleep an hour and a half later.

After breakfast Pedro took them to the airport.

Jack bought a bottle of Balvenie as he knew Serge liked the brand. Asian fuck pussy sweet.

They boarded the plane then took off.

When they landed in Reims they all got their baggage.

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The Charter company representative took them to Europe Car Hire.

The manager was there.

He said, Mrs.

Gordon, head office had this Mercedes V Class delivered yesterday for you. Free girls chating mobile for sex.

They believe it has the colour and specification that you like.

How long do you wish to have the car? Ruth replied, Thank you.

You have the colour right.

I am not sure.

I will be staying at the Chateaux.

I think it will be a few days.

If you give me your card I will advise you once I know. Petitemarie webcam video.

The manager gave her his card.

They put their bags into the car then left.

Ruth put the Chateaux’s address into the navi and arrived there twenty five minutes later.

The Chateaux was beautiful.

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The driveway and manicured gardens were impressive.

The housekeeper, Colette greeted then at the door. Nude webcam pics.

She was a pleasant woman who had worked there for over twenty years.

Her English was good.

She told Ruth it was nine years since she last visited.

Ruth was surprised.

Then said, I will come more often.

It is so beautiful here.

Colette showed them to the Master bedroom. Sex dating in fullerton kentucky.

It was wonderful.

Ruth said that they were going out tonight but could they have breakfast at nine.

Both Pat and Jean were impressed with the Chateaux.

Jean commented on the wonderful Antiques which were there.

Jean and Pat had a bedroom next door to them but it had a connecting door to the Master Bedroom Jack drove.

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They arrived at the restaurant five minutes later.

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