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She wrapped her arms around his waist and held onto him tightly.

The dog jumped up onto the tray behind her and leaned against her back as Drew clicked the quad into gear.

They drove along the lanes of the farm at a sedate pace.

The hot air of summer drying the perspiration from Drew as they went. Karina zvereva sex.

He could feel the hard points of Tess's nipples pushing into his back as she pressed against him.

Fifteen minutes later they pulled to a halt under a tree next to a field bin containing the golden grain that Geoff and Dave had been harvesting this afternoon. Live free nude sex usa.

Drew climbed the ladder up the side of the bin and peered down into the silo.

"This is nearly full," he remarked, "They must be nearly finished for the day.

" He swivelled around on the rung of the ladder and surveyed the horizon for the Geoff's header and the tractor and trailer that Dave was driving.

"They are way down the end of the paddock.

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We'll wait here I don't like driving hot machinery through dry stubble paddocks unnecessarily.

Too much danger of starting a fire," Drew said as he climbed down.

Tess watched him as he easily scaled the ladder to the top of the mobile silo.

She loved how he was completely at ease with everything on the farm. Shy girl on webcam.

He was in his environment and was completely in control of himself and what he did.

"Surely those wheels can't take the weight of all that wheat," Tess commented as she looked at the field bin.

"No that's why they fold up and the base of the bin takes the weight. Watch sex and the city 2 online free streaming.

When it's full it will get sealed up and it will be emptied at another time.

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It's double handling but in the long run it saves time if we don't run it straight down to the railway line and wait in the queue," Drew explained as he climbed down and sat on the ground with his back resting on the quad.

"We can also keep it, the prices may increase so we could make more profit if we store it on the farm a while.

" Tess sat side saddle on the seat of the quad in the shade. Metro last light sex with anna.

The warm breeze made a whispering sound through the tree.

They watched the dog and laughed as he chased grass hoppers through the stubble.

She could now hear the tractor approaching over the rise in the paddock.

Dave crested the slight rise and saw Drew and Tess in the distance sitting in the shade of the tree by the gate.

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He smiled to himself as he was pleased to see them.

He had graduated to driving the tractor few weeks ago as his reversing skills improved.

It meant that he didn't spend half of his day bored sitting in the queue at the silos down at the railway siding. Free of cost sex chat webcams.

It was a bit more interesting.

You had to concentrate fairly hard as you followed the header and the grain was transferred from the header bin via an auger to the bin on the trailer being towed behind the tractor he was driving.

Dave pulled to a halt carefully lining up the tube containing the auger protruding out of the top of his trailer to the opening on the field bin. Sex between men and philippines girls.

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He shut down the tractor and climbed out of the air conditioned cabin.

"Hi guys," he said, "What brings you out here?" He walked across to Tess and they kissed.

Drew stood up from his sitting position and Dave gave him a kiss on the cheek too.

"Just thought we'd come out and see what time you are finishing up," Drew said.

"By the time I empty this Geoff will be just about finished. Webcam granny movie porno.

I will have to go down there to empty the header one more time then unload once more," Dave replied.

"The hot tub and gazebo are finished, we are waiting for you to get home before we jump in," Drew confessed.

"Another half hour at most and I'll be on my way home," Dave grinned. Missmhalley web cam couple sex.

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Drew went around to the rear of the trailer, checked that the auger was lined up correctly and then pulled the starter cord on the small stationery motor that powered the auger.

As the motor chugged the grain started to pour from the end of the tube into the silo.

"You had better go up the ladder and watch, the bin is nearly full," Drew advised. Kristani kamera chat porno.

Tess watched Dave climb the field bin's ladder and noted that he was beginning to have the same graceful ease with his work that she had observed with Drew.

Dave was adapting to his environment.

After ten minutes Dave called out to Drew to turn off the auger to stop the flow of wheat. Meg white sex tape clip.

The field bin was full.

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He turned around on the ladder and peered into the trailer behind himself.

There was only a small amount of grain left in it.

"I hope between the trailer and the bin on the header we have enough room to store what is left in this paddock. Yura sakura sex.

I don't want to have to go and get the truck at this time of the day," Dave said as he pulled the cover over the hatch and climbed down.

"We'll get going and let you run back down the paddock.

See you at home," Drew answered.

Dave climbed up into the tractor as Tess and Drew mounted the quad. Chat sexy femel face to face webcam free.

Drew waited and watched as Dave reversed the trailer back into the paddock and then did a u turn into the stubble.

With a roar of the diesel engine and a plume of black smoke from the exhaust Dave went back to chase down Geoff in the combine harvester.

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Drew, Tess and the dog rode home on the quad bike.

"I'm going to shower before we have a spa," said Tess, "Are you coming to join me?" "Of course," answered Drew as they crossed the yard to the house.

Both Tess and Drew peeled off their dusty work clothes in the laundry and then walked naked to the bath room. Girls fucking west end cdp.

Drew watched Tess's butt as she skipped along in front of him and he marvelled at her all over tan.

She had no discernible tan lines, a product of her working naked in the garden.

Tess turned on the water and adjusted the temperature so that it was cooling her down.

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