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It was blanking her mind of all thought, and only allowing the sweet sensations of their grinding to register, whilst grinding her hips hard and deliberately down on his shaft, sending her clit into another dimension and causing that well of molten lust lava to break to the surface. Sexy white bunny.

She felt herself cumming in wave after wave.

She could taste it, see it, feel it.

Not that she tried to fight it, but she couldn’t move or control her own body.

She felt a wet gush escape from between her legs, her whole body vibrated in a red-hot dance of grinding, shrieking, moaning and then, finally, exhaustion. Sexyaylin4u live one on one adult chat free.

Clarity slowly returned to her head, but her pelvis was still gently riding her cock and she slumped forwards on to his chest.

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It was everything to just breath.

Slowly she raised herself off his pole.

It was an unusual feeling.

Normally, he would have also cum and would now be soft, but he was still hard like granite.

'We’re going to need some ice,' she thought to herself as she rolled over on to her back next to him.

"Good boy," she said as she finally caught her breath and motioned to command him to stand.

"Now show me your cock.

" He stood next to the bed, his manhood at eye-level and perfectly rigid. Riley reid porno vk.

I think you’d better go and ice that down so we can put you back in your cage, pet, don’t you think? Yes, Ma’am, he answered and proceeded out the bedroom towards the kitchen.

She again smiled as she surveyed his bum, deeper red now but still looking chastised.

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Several minutes passed and he returned by a nearly flaccid tool covered in a bag of ice.

Good boy, now come here and let’s get that cage back on.

It wasn’t easy and she had to move fast.

It was normal procedure for James to stand up straight with his hands on his head for her to fit his chastity device, but this time she had him hold the ice on his cock to keep it from growing and preventing the cage going on. Indian women sex online.

Snapping the lock shut she detected some resistance in James' face.

Thank me for locking you back up, James, she said, staring up into his eyes.

He grunted.

James! she snapped.

Thank you, Ma’am, for locking me back in my cage.

I want to save myself for Date Night, he finally said.

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Now, ask me for another week of chastity after Date Night, she added again staring straight into his eyes.

Again he grunted, but eventually swallowed and said, Please can we extend my chastity for a further week after Date Night, I want to try and go longer in the cage for you. Webcam model lapochka2.

Ah, that’s sweet, pet, she giggled, but we’ll have to see.

I think I may want you to fill me with your cum on Date Night and have you then clean me out with your mouth.

Again she giggled at the alarmed look in his eyes.

She’d pushed his limits that little bit further, yet again. Livesex free vidio malayalam.

Go and turn on the shower to warm up for me, and I’d love an ice-cold glass of mineral water, please.

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Oh, and I think you should fetch the chocolate out the door of the fridge, too.

"Yes Ma'am," he replied, and he turned on his heels obediently.

Last Friday night I had a threesome with a couple that I met online. Hot sex sport.

A friend of mine recommended this couple as good fun.

I spoke to them online before I arrived here and they seemed really keen and also rather experienced.

Friday night came along, I met them at a bar in town after dinner.

Lots of photos were exchanged beforehand and they looked like their photos. Jeannie fine and porno.

I told them I was bi and they said that the husband is 'open minded'.

After just one drink we were getting along fine and the wife asked if maybe we should head back to their place for another drink.

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It sounded good to me as I was getting a hardon in my jeans and black speedo already. Teen sex online free.

Their house was only a 5 minute walk from the bar.

When we walked in the husband went to the kitchen to make some drinks and the wife pushed me down onto the couch and we started making out.

Our lips (and tongues) were locked until the husband came back with our drinks. Videocamsex.

At this point the husband sat on the couch next to me and his wife got off my lap.

"Well Dave – you told us that you like bikinis and speedos.

How about you guys get down to your speedos and I’ll go put on a bikini….

" While the wife left the husband and I did what we were told, we stripped down and it turns out we were both wearing a black speedo under our jeans (I had told them I'd be wearing speedos under my jeans before hand).

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I was hard as a rock from making out with the wife and the husband was slowly getting there.

It was pretty hot sitting on the couch next to a married guy, both in speedos, rubbing our cocks through the lycra waiting for his wife to join us.

So the husband and I are sitting on the couch both wearing black speedos. Bellaa www world live sex on skype com.

I'm hard as a rock from making out with the wife and we are both sitting there rubbing our cocks through our speedos.

It doesn't take long until the wife returns.

All she is wearing is a white bikini.

She is petite, nice medium sized titties, shaved all over and brunette. Kkatalina camsex lesbian.

She notices straight away that I'm harder than her husband and getting on her knees between his legs starts rubbing the front of his speedo.

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First with her hands, then with her mouth.

After watching this amazingly hot sight, I decide that I should look after the wife. Sweetandrea canada bhabis sex chat online free no account.

I need to cool down a little bit as well.

I get off the couch and lying on my back on the ground, I put my head between her legs, pulled her bikini aside and tasted her moist pussy.

My attention to the wifes pussy was met with a groan of pleasure from the wife and she started to grind her pussy on my face. Cherryladys live free webcams adult women no login no email.

I assumed that husbands cock was free of his speedo and wife was sucking hard on it.

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