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As I sit and masturbate over my ladylove, I think back over our relationship and all the wonderful moments we’ve shared.

The first smile that was meant just for me.

The first touch, the first embrace and the first kiss.

The first time I saw her navel and the first time I kissed and licked her tummy. Free non membership webcam xxx chat.

The first time I saw her braless nipples pointing at me through a tight top.

The first time we saw each other naked and the first time I gave her my cock.

The first time she had an orgasm for me and I for her.

The first time, and every time we’ve shared these moments, for every time is as exciting and magical as the first time.

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My penis is as hard as it’s ever been.

The sight of my lovely girl lying bare before me for my enjoyment, my wonderment, my adoration, and passion arouses me beyond understanding as I continue to pleasure myself.

I inch towards her wanting to get as close to her as I can. 3gp sex online.

In front of me is the most beautiful image I’ve ever seen and the longer I look, the more I desire her.

Oh, how I want to reach out my hand and caress her flawless, soft skin.

How I wish to lean over and kiss her tender lips, draw a distended nipple into my mouth and suckle it, or probe her adorable bellybutton with my tongue.

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I keep playing with my cock, giving it a slow, erotic massage rather than simply beating-off.

I build up to a point very close to climax and then back off.

My cock is hard and swollen and my balls hanging low between my legs, swinging in their pouch of skin. Catwoman has sex with batman.

It feels so good to masturbate to her.

I almost don’t want it to ever end.

After a long while Talia’s leg twitches slightly and she begins to stir.

She takes in a deep breath and her eyelids part slightly.

She raises her arms over her head and stretches.

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Her entire body stretched long and lean, toes pointed, tummy concave, ribs showing in relief, breasts pulled high and tight to her chest, every muscle taut.

She’s not yet noticed me beside her or what I’m doing.

A soft sigh escapes her as she keeps stretching her sleepy body and at once her muscles release and she goes limp, her arms still extended over her head. Indian sex video chat live.

My eyes travel over her exquisite form, taking note of every rise, every hollow, every sweet curve and contour of her nakedness.

A shiver of arousal moves through my body, and a sigh now escapes me as another large measure of pre-cum escapes my engorged penis.

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My sigh is enough to catch her attention and she glances over and sees me and smiles a sleepy smile.

An instant later she looks down and notices my hand slowly stroking my rigid cock.

Talia watches my curled fingers around my shaft teasing its length and the swollen head. Xangelsexxx private.

I’ve been watching you sleep.

You’re so very beautiful, I just couldn’t help myself, I confess with a crooked grin.

So I see, Talia replies intently observing my masturbation.

How long have you been doing that? she asks, nodding her head in the direction of my genitals. Salomellove online sex webcam vedio.

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Oh, quite a long time.

Ever since puberty, I say with a smile.

Talia looks at me like I’ve just told a bad joke, which I have.

About 15 or 20 minutes, I add.

And I’ve been enjoying every second of it.

I’ll bet you have! Talia stretches her lithe body again and more clear juice seeps from my cockhead. Sexyanne web cam girls free videos.

I must say it’s a lovely sight for a girl to wake up to.

We both fall silent as I continue to slowly stroke my cock.

Talia stares admiringly at my rigid erection with a contented smile on her lips.

She sees it swell and bob and twitch under my light stroking. Www kerala sex gril.

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A clear droplet of precum occasionally forms on the tip of the shiny head.

You’re close to cumming, aren’t you? she says matter-of-factly, and she runs her fingers over one of her breasts.

Looking me in the eye she says, You must be close if you’ve been stroking it for that long. Sexy teen cheerleader ass fuck.

Her eyes return to my penis and she whispers, And gawd, it looks so hard! My curled fingers move up and down the shaft now barely touching it.

Any more intense contact would send me over the brink to orgasm in an instant.

My breathing is sharp and erratic. Kerala super girls sex youtube.

I’m right on the edge.

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I could cum at any time.

Talia is now playing with her left breast with one hand, gently squeezing it and teasing the hard nipple.

Her other hand slowly slides down her body, caressing her right tit, sliding down her flat, smooth belly, and finally arriving at her crotch. Sexy girfriend pics.

Her whole body tenses and she inhales sharply as her fingers touch herself between the legs.

You got a head start on me, she breathes.

Can you hold out a little while longer? I’d like to try to catch up.

Her fingers, which have been rubbing her clit, suddenly plunge inside her. Free fuck en owasso.

She gasps loudly and her eyes widen at the wonderful sensations she feels.

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She laughs almost hysterically for a moment as her fingers tickle the inside of her pussy.

Her eyes dart back and forth from my face to my engorged prick.

Talia’s arousal rises quickly and soon I can hear wet sounds coming from her pussy. Jenny rivera free porno preview.

Don’t cum yet, she pleads.

I want to cum with you!! I walk forward on my knees so I’m as close to her as I can get.

My thigh is pressing against her left hip.

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