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Their home is downhill from ours, by about the equivalent of one storey.

Two-thirds of their backyard is, however, on a similar level to ours.

Behind both our yards is a hill, covered by tall trees and vegetation, which is council-owned land, and which gives us total privacy from the homes along the ridge above.

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What about you, Carol? Carol, like Sung Hee and Yi-Mung, was also a Korean-American and lived not far away from Sung Hee.

I’m not a natural subbie, although it is interesting sometimes.

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I stayed in there for about an hour with one or two other swimmers, mostly older men.

When I went back into the changing room it seemed I was the only one left again.

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He said something about the size of his sister's breasts, and she shoved her chest out.

Glen and I got up and jumped in the pool.

"Those two are crazy, aren't they?" Glen said.

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I've decided to come and get some of the real thing," he sniggers.

Of course, Robert is the name of one of the guys I chat with regularly on line; we have all sorts of cyber-sex and I know I have 'performed' for him a number of times on webcam.

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I was so embarrassed, yet my cock was now throbbing and released a little more pre-cum.

The wet spot now grew larger and there was nothing that I could do about it.

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There was always two green dots in the bottom corner of the screen indicating that both parties had agreed to the unmasking.

If either – or both – parties had agreed to non-altered, the green dot would be replaced by a green dash.

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As her orgasm subsided, Maria slumped forwards onto my body, and we lay there for a while until she had recovered sufficiently to stand up.

She then indicated that she wanted us to wash each other, mainly by signs; so overcome was she with the intensity of her climax that she found it difficult to speak.

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Susie got spanked five times also getting the cane, but with four strokes her top limit.

Rachel was certainly being strict but as Susie and I were still having great sex we didn’t mind we were getting spanked and caned so often.

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You have a nice cock, let's go home and bury it.

" Here I was trying to figure out a way to fuck Margie and she just told me she wants to fuck me.

Ya Hoo!

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Her ass looked especially fine to me, but that may have just been the fact that a perfect rear-view was the angle I happened to have.

I swear I heard a collective sigh of longing and loss when she disappeared into the store, but it was probably just me.

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We had been in St.

Pete's Beach for two days already, and I was going crazy.

You were stunning.

You had a great body, a brilliant mind, and I am still not sure if you are aware how great and brilliant you are.

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He breathed into her left ear and whispered "Well, would you like to see a big one tonight?" "Where?" Elaine asked.



so you didn’t say no then" "For someone not so bothered you didn’t take too long to make your mind up that you wished to see the goods" "I was just surprised to hear you make an offer like you did and I reacted by meaningwhat…here?" she stammered her reply.

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I lifted her leg in the air and licked her tight virgin asshole.

She was trying to hold it in since the admin offices were right next door.

Vanessa pushed me back and unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to expose my throbbing, dripping cock.

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I appeared to be asleep, but I was a million miles away from it, my senses were swimming, my nipples felt like pebbles and I just hoped that the moisture between my legs wasn't obvious.

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Why don’t you come over? I’m heading home to my grandmother.

Sharmane said she wasn’t doing so good today.

He hated lying like that.

His grandmother was as strong as ever after having been released from the hospital months ago, thank God.

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And they seem to enjoy it.

Gerald didn’t respond, sitting deep in thought.

Cat got your tongue? Alice asked.


I was just thinking about the juxtaposition of pain and pleasure, and wondering … What it would feel like to experience pain at the instant of orgasm, Alice finished for him.

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Sunita hurried to the washroom.

I stood at the window looking out to watch amazing natural beauty.

She must have just opened the washroom door when I heard her scream.

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And while he might have been tempted to stay and watch her bending and reaching, he hustled out the door.

After stopping in the bathroom long enough to turn on the shower, he headed to the linen closet and retrieved new sheets.

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We meet, we touch, we smile. And then you take my hand and we turn together to head down the path leading to the shore.

There is not much time – sunset comes earlier with the approach of September.

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He noticed and slammed the door in shock, and it slammed right on his rock hard dick.


HOLY SHIT!!! He yelled as he finally closed the door.

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We might want to let them get together.

Are there any specific rules? Donna asked.

Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t start with the rules.

First, women have absolute control.

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As it sank deeper and deeper, the thick shaft slid past her straining lips until all movement stopped.

Every inch of Jason’s dick was now buried inside her well-stuffed mouth and throat.

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The chastity belt tightly pressing against her asshole.

It keeps her pussy lips squeezed together.

This makes sure that the wireless vibrator in her cunt will stay where it belongs.

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I wanted to know what she tasted like.

I whispered in her ear then slouched down on the couch as she got above me.

A shadow fell over us and I looked up to see Emma.

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Tears of joy ran over my cheeks. Picturing me without the scar felt so unreal. I had gotten used to being ugly to some extend, and now was I to be made pretty again?

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I take off all my clothes and I reach for bathing suit, but it had been a while since I had worn it and it was way too small.

Now what am I going to do.

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Then he also thought about the time she had cheated on him, twice. Without the alcohol he would have gone to his own room, but he had had a lot to drink.

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Calista, on the other hand, not only had a bigger chest, but a bigger derriere that could have given one very infamous reality star a run for her money.

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I cried myself to sleep last night thinking that was true.

I realized I don't even know where you live or your phone number or ANYTHING.

It is so hard not being able to see you all the time.

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He said that he’d given my name to the person at the door.

He then told me that once I was in the hall I should go to the far left aisle and that our booth was about a third of the way down just at the intersection of the first cross aisle.

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It is the only way we communicate except for person to person, and we never leave graphic or sexual messages.

OK, Cheryl said, turning the phone over in her hands.

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She was tall and long-legged.

Her face was faultless; large blue eyes, sensuous lips, and a smile which warmed my heart.

Her figure was lithe, and she had the perfect model’s body.

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Her thoughts and emotions wash over her.

I don't even know who I am anymore.

But… Ashley feels the chastity belt around her ass and pussy.

She tastes Miss Rose on her lips and adjusts her bent over, restrained position.

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Adam was not looking at me.

He was sitting on the other side of bed while I was changing clothes on this side of the bed.

What happened? I asked.

He looked at me, and I was wearing my panties.

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With these demands on his attention, it was out of desperation then that he had grabbed the opportunity of being alone in the garden with both hands, to pee and then to relieve the pressure in his already full balls.

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Move your hand up and down my cock as you do this, yeah just like that.

" After a few minutes of this I was starting to get jaw ache but I didn't want to upset him, so I tried my hardest to keep going.

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She then told Jack that she desperately wanted a child.

Jack replied, Ruth, I will do everything I possibly can to give you a child.

If that does not work them we should adopt a child.

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Now, give me your paw.

" Apparently, she’d brought a few items with her, things that were easily to carry, such as a set of thin leather cuffs we’d purchased a while back.

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Then there is the necklace.

For women, there is a choice between a pendant style which hangs on a small chain around the neck or a choker style which wraps around the neck with a thin, black or white, elastic band that closes with Velcro in the back.

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