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As I was checking them out Olivia called me a pervert and asked if I was enjoying the view.

I thought she would be a problem so decided I needed to deal with her first to stop the other two getting out of line.

With that in mind I told Olivia to bend over the arm chair and the others to stand against the wall and watch as I caned their eldest sister. Sex webcam pregnant.

I had positioned the chair so that Olivia was facing her sisters so they could see the reaction on her face.

Once everyone was in position I took my place beside Olivia and swished the cane again.

This made them all flinch as the realisation of what was about to happen sank in. Chat sex japan.

Then without further ado, I delivered the first crisp stroke right to the centre of Olivia’s upturned bottom.

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It landed with a satisfying crack and for a moment she was silent before the real sting became apparent and then did she wail! She jumped up with both hands grabbing her bum and turned towards me with a look of total surprise on her face. Sexy catwoman porn.

I had to smile to myself as one stroke had made her realise this was no joke.

I told her to get over the chair again and not to move.

Reluctantly Olivia bent over again, but I could see from the way she did it that she was less confident.

She managed to take the next two strokes without too much complaining, but number four, which landed slightly lower, had her on her feet again frantically rubbing the area. Scarletsexy chaturbate xxxlive free.

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I had no sympathy, getting her quickly back over again before giving her the next two, which I made harder in the same lower place.

She had to learn there was going to be no respite.

Her two sisters looked on concerned as their previously strong big sister was reduced to tears by the cane. Wap germany sex.

She only had three more to come, so I subtly shifted my position so they would land at an angle across the first six.

I also made them harder.

By the eighth stroke Olivia’s bottom was criss-crossed with red cane marks.

As is traditional I made the last stroke the hardest, whipping it in with full force right in the centre of her bum. Onlinesexchat without e mail.

It landed with a lovely crack and as the cane bounced away I could see the tramline appear almost immediately.

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I was pleased to see it had nearly broken the skin, having landed on top of an earlier mark.

This was a caning the girl would remember for a very, very long time. Www hdsex com.

It was clear I wasn’t going to get any more backchat from this one as I dismissed her to stand with the others against the wall.

Olivia walked rather carefully to her sisters who embraced her trying to comfort her whilst also seeing close up the state of her welted bottom. Live sex with sportcoup.

I gave them a few moments before calling Katie over to the chair for her turn.

Rather than have her bend right over the back of the chair, I made her stand slightly further away so when she bent over she could just reach the edge of the chair for support.

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This meant her superb breasts were able to fall freely towards the floor.

I told Katie not to move from that position or else she’d get more strokes added to the six she was due.

Then, just as I had with Olivia, I whipped the first one home nice and hard dead centre of her bottom. Nerve best movie sex scenes.

As I had hoped this made her lurch forward making her breasts swing back and forth.

I waited for her to settle before giving her the second, nice and low, just on the bum-leg crease.

This made her breasts wobble again in the most delightful way as well as causing significant discomfort to her behind. Redhead webcam teen.

I continued the caning in this way spacing the strokes over the whole of her bottom.

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I gave her sufficient time between each stroke to steady herself before landing the next.

This also gave me maximum time to watch her breasts swing about with a mind of their own. Usa top best sexvideoschat sites.

I made number six nice and hard, again at a slight angle, to give the classic five bar gate pattern.

After letting the sting of the last stroke subside I told Katie to get up and join her sisters.

There then followed the group hug and inspection of Katie’s bum in comparison to Olivia’s. Webcams girl alone.

Then, without being asked, Susan walked towards me saying that she was ready for her caning.

Her demeanour was very contrite and she kept her head down.

Her two sisters seemed to be ignoring her completely, being too wrapped up in their own sisterly embrace.

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Normally I would have enjoyed the show, but I had Susan to cane and then fuck.

I was really going to enjoy this and take my time with her.

I began by carefully flicking her nipples with my cane.

This had the desired effect, making then stand proud from her now reddened breasts. Looking for sex in hialeah.

I then put the cane down and opened the wardrobe.

As is typical in hotels, they had the coat hanger with the dry-cleaning bag.

What was great about this hanger was the two bulldog type clips it had which were supposed to allow you to hang trousers from the hem, but they also doubled as a pair of nipple clamps. Toilet spy cam sex.

I carefully attached the clips to Susan’s nipples making her gasp as the clips bit into her sensitive flesh and the weight of the hanger pulled painfully on her nipples.

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I then bent her over the chair in the same position as Katie so that her breasts could swing freely, pulled by the improvised clamps. Free gay webcams with no sign up.

As I took up my caning position I glanced across to see Olivia and Katie still embracing lovingly.

After checking my aim by repeatedly tapping the cane on my target I delivered the first hard stroke.

It landed with a loud crack, which, together with a yelp from Susan, finally got the attention of her two sisters. Samantha ruth sex photo.

They looked aghast seeing their younger sister bent over submissively with the improvised nipple clamp pulling painfully on her swinging breasts.

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