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By then my cock was hard, but I’d lost interest in the story.

Not even Simplicity’s story could compete with a girl like that.

It was still several more minutes before Karen and her mom showed back up.

At least I’d dodged a bullet, trying to explain to Karen what a beautiful twenty-something was doing at my table with my cell phone in her hand. Basket fuck thai soapy.

Karen knows nothing about my Lush account.

One of those little secrets that seemed pretty innocuous, or had until right then.

At this point, I didn’t want to tell her, either.

Especially after that Kodiak, Alaska story being so close to what had almost happened. Horny teachers net looking for sex.

I was both relieved and disappointed as the weekend went by.


I checked my Lush account probably a dozen times both Saturday and Sunday, not to mention the half-dozen after we got home Friday.

I kept telling myself that there was no way a beautiful girl like that would be contacting an old, middle-aged stranger like me. Paddington bear sexual position.

Thirty-seven wasn’t actually over the hill yet, but to a gorgeous, young girl like that… I tapered off from checking Lush during the next week, to the point where I was only checking it once or twice a day like I normally do, just to see if there were any new stories I wanted to read, with the off chance of hearing from one of my friends. Pornsex pink hot live online.

At least I told myself that was what I was doing.


Almost convinced myself, too.

I didn’t even know the mystery girl’s name and my thoughts of her had dwindled to almost non-existent, maybe only a couple of dozen times an hour.

I love my wife, but we’d been together a long time and I haven’t actually even thought about another girl, ever, and the feelings I was having were strange. Free sex cam.

And powerful.

Realistically, I knew that it was a thousand times better to never hear from her.

Yet, I couldn’t help but keep hoping.

To be honest, I kind of forgot about the little fact that she had a boyfriend.

So, on Sunday afternoon, the following weekend, sitting in my little man-cave at my computer, when I saw that I had a message, I was almost afraid to check and see what it might be.

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I actually did close my browser, willing myself to not open the message.

For about a minute, maybe half a minute, until I couldn’t stand it any longer.

When I clicked on the message icon, my heart was pounding.

Then when there was nothing in my inbox, but one friend request, I didn’t know what to think. Free live cougar sex cams.

Well, actually I did, I thought about what she looked like walking away from the table; those tight jeans, thin waist, full hips… argh! There wasn’t any way I wasn’t checking out that friend request.

I hadn’t ever heard of the person, but it was obviously a girl’s name (not going to tell you), with a short message, Hi, LOVE your stories, love to chat sometime.

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Then the topper, Think you’re cute, too.

Oh God, it was her, had to be! I clicked on the ‘view message’ and there wasn’t anything more, just that, as if that wasn’t enough.

So I clicked on her name to look at her profile: Bronze member, twenty-four years old, female, name same as her avatar name, location – Washington, United States, date joinedsix days ago. Bars377 female masturbation webcam.

There were a few other things; favorite books, movies, etc, favorite author – robertl! God! My fingers were shaking and my brain was in overdrive remembering our brief exchange… and that view! Now what? I knew damn good and well that I should just click on ‘No Thanks’ and delete, let her just fade into a pleasant temporary interlude memory.

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Yeah, right! That’s what I knew I should have done.

What I did do, though, was click on ‘accept’ and replied with a short message, ‘Love to be your friend, this the girl from the restaurant?’ Then I sat there, just staring at the screen.

Her profile page showed she was online. Roxxy waycam porno oli ne.

Would she reply? If my heart had been pounding before, it was nearly blowing a hole in my chest by then.

Karen was in the living room watching a Hallmark movie so I was alone in my misery.

That's the kind of girl Karen was - a Hallmark movie girl.

I stared… and stared… and stared. Free online sex dating no credit cards s.

Until a little black box popped up in the upper right-hand corner of my screen.


‘You have been poked.

’ My fingers were shaking and I had to delete my reply twice because it didn’t make any sense and was unreadable.

I finally typed out a really sexy, intellectual message and hit send, ‘Hi, you their?’ At least it was spelled right. Sex chat tips.

No it wasn't;- 'there', not 'their! Dammit.

Now she'll think I'm a bloomin' idiot.

Then I started staring again, this time just a few seconds, ‘Love your stories, your characters seem so real.

Especially like Adriana.

And Tanner.


’ So she’d started with my Reunion series. Kodak girl fucks.

We chatted back and forth the next ten minutes or so about different things, the Reunion story; she said she loved ‘The Wedding Meadow’ and wanted to know if those places were real, which I assured her they were.


She mentioned how funny it was how I jumped when she first asked me what I was reading. Sex chat with no free login.

By then my imagination was running way overboard wondering if I’d ever actually see her again.

The boyfriend totally disappeared from my mind.

So did Karen, to be honest.

My reverie was interrupted when said Karen poked her head in my door, startling me, and asked if I’d run to the store for some eggs so she could make cookies. Webcam mega boobs.

That brought me back to real life and a guilty conscience that I’d been drooling over this still nameless girl, and she was so young, just a kid, for God’s sake! ‘Gotta go, get eggs,’ I messaged her.

Lame! Then I clicked on ESPN’s website just in case Karen might peek at my monitor while I was gone.

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I was sure that guilt was written all over my face.

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