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Her mouth by the girl’s ear.

Tell me what you want me to do.

Susie moved her mouth over the girl’s earlobe.

She sucked on the gold ear stud, nibbling it with her teeth as she waited for the girl to answer.

I want you to fuck me, Miss, the girl answered.

My pleasure, Susie responded, releasing the earlobe and straightening up. Cumonmytits22 amature adult webcams free.

As she stood behind the girl, she reached down and ran the fingers of one hand up the girl’s inner thigh, feeling the stocking then naked flesh, feeling the dampness on the girl’s skin from her leaking pussy.

Susie pushed two fingers into her, coating her fingers in the girl’s juices before pulling them out and wiping them over the head of the strap-on.

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She gripped the shaft in one hand as she twisted her fingers through the girl’s long blonde hair once more.

Fingers digging into her scalp while she guided the tip of the strap-on dildo to rest just at the entrance to the girl’s waiting, pulsing hole.

Susie paused, listening to the silence. Lasrovaj live sex chat with indai girl.

The girl’s breathing, ragged in anticipation.

Susie could feel her own heart beating.

The girl shifted slightly.

Susie allowed the anticipation to build for a few more seconds.

Then with a grunt, she slammed her hips against the girl’s ass, the six inches of plastic cock slamming deep into the girl. Pussydeluxe sex 4at armenia.


At the same moment, she pulled hard on the girl’s hair, snapping her head back.

The girl screamed Fuccckkk! as she was impaled.

Susie released the girl’s hair and grabbed hold of her hips.

She began to thrust in and out, slowly building up speed while all the time, a stream of obscenities spewed from her mouth as she told the girl just what she thought of her. Free live sex webcam japan.

That’s right, you cheap fucking whore, take my girl cock deep inside your wet cunt.

Susie brought her hand down and spanked the girls’ right cheek as she pulled the strap-on out of her.

Then gripped her hips and slammed it back in again.

Such a dirty little slag aren’t you, Cathy? Asian webcam nude. A piece of cuntmeat for me to use.


Susie plunged the strap-on deep inside her then pulled out until only the very tip remained inside, then slammed in again as she pulled the girl’s hips towards her.

Susie could see the girl’s fingers clenching on the desktop. Private sexy temptation.

She gripped the girl by the hair and pulled her face up from the desk.

With the strap-on buried deep inside her, Susie slowly ground her hips in a circular motion as she leant in and licked the girl’s neck up towards her ear.

What are you? she asked in a low whisper. Dad and son have sex.



I’m a dirty little slag,Miss, the girl whimpered.

That’s right, Susie groaned.

A cheap fucking whore is what you are.

And with that, she started to pound into the girl.


She reached around to rub the girl’s clit as she slammed the dildo in and out of her. Juicy_apple free interactive lesbian sex chatting sites.

The girl’s cries were getting louder now.

The tiny chorus of fuck fuck fuck was building in volume with every thrust.

Susie felt the juices spewing out of her with every thrust.

The girl’s cunt was slick with juices as they ran down her legs.

Susie knew the girl was close, she could hear the breathing change. Sexy games to play on the phone.

Small beads of sweat had broken out all over her back.

Her moaning was turning from bird like cries into one long continuous groan as Susie pounded her slick cunt.

Susie wasn’t far behind.

The base of the strap-on was nestled against her own clit and every time she slammed it into the girl, the pressure on her clit from the base of the didlo intensified.

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For one fleeting moment Susie considered pulling out and buggering the little slut but then all reason left her as with one final thrust, the pressure on her clit proved too much and she came.

Fuckkk, Susie cried as she arched her back, rigid, hands gripping the girls hips as she spasmed, shaking. Sexy flirting.

Susie barely registered that the girl was cumming at the same time.

She heard the girl cry and whimper but it sounded like from a distance.

Finally, the explosions in her cunt and head stopped and, spent, she collapsed on top of the prostate girl.

Susie lay her face against the warm skin on the girl’s back. Sex porno live.

She felt the girl’s breathing slowly return to normal as she lay on the dsk beneath her.

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