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She finished with, I told him that you and I are now married baby and he said that you are a lucky man.

Robert went for a shower and I was allowed to go down stairs, I said to her, You look beautiful, so radiant.

Thank you, she replied, that’s because I finally had my husband in my bed again last night. Hugetitsmilf free mobile sexcams.

I kissed her forehead and she said, Thank you baby for accepting Robert and I as being married, it means so much to us.

I smiled and said, Well you are married to him and I love how happy that makes you.

She hugged me and said, It does make me happy, very happy, I love that I am now his wife and maybe one day you may agree for me and Robert to get married officially.

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I had expected her to ask this at some point, I asked her, Would you like that? To be married to him on paper I mean? She looked at me nervously, Be honest baby, I asked, you did say that we can talk about anything, remember.

She took my hand, her hand was shaking as she said, Honestly…Honestly…Yes I would… There I have said it now! Nsa no feelings just straight clean safe sex. But I would still want you here with us, I could not live without you baby.

She went on, I would really love to walk down the aisle and marry Robert officially, that would make me the happiest girl on this planet.

Just then Robert came down.

How’s my beautiful wife this morning, He asked, God I love how that sounds, and by the way sweetheart, I fucking love you!

Fuckerman28 free mobile chat rooms sex. He hugged her around the waist and moved his hands to her tits.

Your wife is wonderful, she replied, I love how that sounds also, and did I tell you how happy I am that I am your wife? Did I also tell you just how fucking madly in love with you I am my husband? Free chat webcam live. We ate breakfast and we went into town, at the jewelers, we walked in and he said to the salesman, I want to buy a new wedding ring for my wife.

He bought them both a pair of matching wedding bands, he also bought her a diamond engagement ring to highlight her new wedding ring. Canada girls sex texting.

They held hands as we walked from store to store; it was obviously clear how happy they are together.


We ate lunch and she showed everyone her new wedding ring as she introduced Robert as her husband.

I was happy that they included me in every part of their day. Webcam big tits blonde.

While we were at lunch, Robert went to the bathroom; Carole looked so happy, she held my hand and said.

Baby, I hope that I didn’t upset you by what I said at breakfast? I looked a little puzzled and asked her, What part baby? She looked nervous and said, The part when I said that maybe one day you may agree to Robert and me getting married officially. Mobile sex chat without signup.

I squeezed her hand and replied, Baby, it doesn’t upset me that you would like to marry Robert officially, I think that it is very romantic, it’s obviously clear how much you both love each other.


She tried to smile and said, Do you mean that, it doesn’t upset you? Sexgrils vedio. And it doesn’t upset you that we love each other so much? Or that we are in love with eachother? We agreed that we can talk about anything didn’t we? I asked, Yes we did, she replied, but you have given up my body and accepted that I am Robert’s wife, I have no right in asking for anything else. Asian tits webcam.

Just then Robert came back from the bathroom, sat down and asked, What are you two talking about that is so emotional? She smiled and said, I told Malcolm how sorry I was about what I said to him at breakfast baby.

What did you say that would upset him? Sexy hot biker chics getting fucked. Robert asked.


I told you that I had spoken to Malcolm about maybe one day he may agree for us to marry officially.

she tried to smile but found it difficult.

Yes you did tell me that you had mentioned it, he quickly replied, you said that you would love to marry me officially, have you changed your mind then? Capricorn man sex porn. She smiled again and said, No I haven’t changed my mind, yes I would love to walk down the aisle and marry you baby, I feel sad that I spoke to Malc about it, he has given up so much already.

Robert then said something that caught me by surprise, up till now he has kind of taken the back seat in their relationship, but he took her face in his hands and gently kissed her lips and said.

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I fucking love you baby, I am so happy that I can now call you my wife and I would be even happier if I could walk you down the aisle and marry you officially! She blushed and he continued, Malcolm already said last night that he has accepted and is happy that we are husband and wife, so you shouldn’t be sad that you want to make it official, aren’t I right Malc? Sexy girl milf. He was actually right in what he just said and I had to agree with him.

The fact that this was torture to me made it so erotic.

Here was my wife telling me how madly in love she is with another guy and wants’ to marry him.

I was rock hard, this was the ultimate torture and I loved it. Online sex asian.


Our lunch had arrived and we made small talk as we ate.

On our way back to the car we stopped at a little park and bought some ice cream.

We sat on the grass and continued our conversation.

She laid her head on his lap and just stared at her new wedding band. Skottkiss without sex vedio tamil.

Isn’t it beautiful? she asked.

It is sweetheart, just like you, my beautiful wife.

Robert replied as he kissed her.

Robert finished his ice cream and said.

Can I be totally honest and truthful? I hope so baby.

she answered.

Okay, here goes, He replied, I love you baby, I love your naked body, I love touching, kissing, licking and tasting your body. Free live sex chat galloway.

He went on, I love you touching, kissing, sucking and tasting my body, we have an incredible sex life together, and I am so in love with you.


She started to blush as Robert continued, I love that we can now say that we are married and I love that I can call you my wife.

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