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The falling leaves of magenta A cynosure of autumn's splendor As if in an amphitheater for love And poetry from the bard The acorns snowed in choreography As a shadow of Shakespeare watched As if his words crafted the scene And the fresco gave its awe We kissed on the stepping stones Of life's encore, opening my eyes Opening my eyes in winter's green And satin shades of tea As the moon's sun dial Fell upon our candlelight Inspired by Shakespeare And as night fell on leaves' caravan Like nomads of September With a breath of lusting fluorescent We acquiesce to our thoughts As a shadow of Shakespeare watched Sunday Afternoon Lunch was hamburgers and hotdogs from the barbecue on the back deck, with wine for the ladies and beer for the guys.

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I decided to introduce her to adult toys. So I went to the local adult store and looked through all the items for sale and decided on two smooth vibrators about six inches long.

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Lynn simply shook her head and offered him a tight, closed lip smile.

"No, it's okay," she said, as she took the phone from him, "It was all in fun.

It's actually kind of hilarious.

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Passion and lust took control of my actions as I started to move my kisses lower.

Planting soft kisses on her neck, between her breasts, circling each of her twin soft flesh with my wet tongue, I moved my hand between her legs.

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I slid my hand under the covers and began to explore her body.

I started on her shoulder and slowly stroked my way down her arm.

When I reached the middle of her forearm I let my hand drift across her chest and found her nipples standing at attention.

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The fingers turned to hands and began a light massage of her tits, avoiding her nipples entirely now.

She allowed herself a low, long moan and pressed her chest even further forward, hoping to encourage him to do more.

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I stood her up and pushed her doggy, with her elbows on the back of the couch and her knees in the cushion.

I pulled her yoga pants down to her bent knees.

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He could be so much better than that.

" Olivia leaned back in her chair, folded her arms and smirked at her.

Lynn didn't like that look.

"What?" she asked suspiciously.

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I pictured you doing what I wanted to please me and make me happy.

You add "I actually almost came when I made you watch the video knowing the affect it would have on you.

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I didn't feel like being bothered with her shit after what she tried to do to us, so I just shot her a look and ignored her.

Don't act like you don't hear me talking to you!

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We got to the top of the stairs and Sara kissed me deeply and said, Goodnight my cuck.

I went to put my hands on her ass.

She grabbed my hands to stop me and said loudly, Don’t you dare, you know that my ass is out of bounds.

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No pun intended.

" Christine nodded and relaxed, but she didn't want to talk about it anymore.

After driving in silence for a while, she turned on the radio, found a station and then leaned her head against my shoulder.

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She moved her hands to cover her mouth and shook her head emphatically, her eyes glancing up at mine.

'I can't!' 'Come on, Lis',' I cajoled.

'Look, I'll give you a free hit.

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Slightly amused, I giggled and backed him up a bit but it seems in his excitement he had left a sheen of slick liquid on my skin and as I backed him up, the head of his tool slid right up my body and pelted me on the lower lip.

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Maggie makes a comment about the two of you discussing a get-together for her, Timmy, me and you.

I just press my head into your shoulder at that.

I have no idea why I am acting so spoiled and bratty tonight.

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He opened it, baring her tits to his hungry gaze.

She closed her eyes and sighed as Tommy took one of them in his mouth and smothered the other with his hand.

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I am yours.

I don’t care about his money.

I just want to have someone to love me, Sheila then pleaded.

Don’t worry about money.

I am really a divorce attorney and I think with your video and pictures of your husband, you will get what you deserve, Jason replied.

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Fuck you Penny! his voice was hard and coarse.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck you and your cheating! Oh Pete! I gasped as he lifted my knees high and wide, exposing my vulva completely and grotesquely, my body helpless and unresisting before him.

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Rachel and I both used to work out, so we both were quite fit and attractive.

We were the treat for everyone in the office, and in our neighborhood; you could use the term ‘MILFfor us.

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The sidewalks, lined with tall old elms and oaks, create a canopy away from the summer sun.

At night, the moon is lost behind the leaves of the warm seasons.

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He could feel minor creases in her skin, but he knew they would be gone by morning.

Melissa pulled away and looked into his eyes.

She was very fortunate, very lucky to have Mike as her partner.

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Rub some of this on that beautiful cock of yours, she said, handing it to Alex.

Alex did as instructed but then stopped.

What about you? How are you going to get anything out of this?

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Bobby, I want you to shoot some pictures of me for a different portfolio.

Different? Yes, I have been given the opportunity at an acting role on the west coast, and I think it’s time for me to move on.

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We sat there for a few minutes, while Carrie continued to jerk my cock and play with my balls.

Then without hesitation I lifted her head and laid a deep passionate kiss on her lips.

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Let me help you,she said, pushing my underwear and my pants down past my knees, to my ankles.

I grabbed my cock, thinking I might try to hide it.

Oh wow!my guest blushed.

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Bartow's office again.

"Ahh, Mrs. Robbins, please come in! Thank you, Becky, that will be all," he said, smiling at them both.

"Please have a seat," Mr.

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Frank sighed, his vision stopping upon each of the young lady's faces.

They were all now watching him, waiting to hear what he would say.

Danielle, Frank gave his daughter a slight frown, you know I don't have a lot of time to drive you and your friends around.

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I looked at her aghast, but did not dare say anything.

Meekly, I fastened it around my neck, cringing as she attached a long leash to it.

"Heel," she ordered, and set off briskly, forcing me to stumble after her, unused as I was to the high heels.

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The couple ate some sandwiches that he made and nibbled on popcorn as they watched one of the late shows on his big screen.

He didn’t come off as the same age as her, going to college and working like so many.

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He took his hard cock and shoved it in her pussy.

She was being held down by three or four of the other hockey players.

Lucky looked up and a cock was in her face.

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I am sure they will be, I respond.

And by the way mister, you never even commented on my outfit.

Rick replies, Baby you look gorgeous.

Good enough to eat!

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I put his cock in my mouth and began the descent down his 10 shaft. He was huge and was quickly pushing against the back of my throat. He grabbed hold of the back of my head and began screwing his cock into my throat.

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A thick stream of his wolf's cum followed the knot out.

Kelly jerked at the feeling, growling and moaning quietly.

He licked her neck and ear, burying his face in the thick fur on her neck.

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My hands caressed her naked flesh beneath, the thin material of her g-string barely noticeable as it swept deep between her buttocks.

I noticed others doing similar dances but the UV light had highlighted Jay in her white dress and I noticed several voyeurs at the edge of the dance floor looking on as I slowly exposed her.

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One of the boys in front slid his hand up my dress and got a finger inside the band of my knickers. His finger was rubbing up and down my slit as at least two other hands were on my breasts.

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It seemed an afterthought when she asked what I liked to drink Wow! I thought, little me being picked up by a company car; that’ll give them something to talk about around the office.

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I closed my eyes as my orgasm blind-sided me.

I could feel that familiar tightening inside of me as I came.

Intense feelings of pleasure hit me and over and over again, and I rocked to each and everyone of them.

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I’ll do my best to get back here.

Next time you’ll be here for the whole night, he told her.

And I’ll make sure you get a proper fucking.

As Karl’s car came to a halt in the car park she reached and took hold of his bulge.

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She moaned loud and pushed her pussy up against my hand to get more.

I slid my fingers into her hole and she groaned.

She was soaking wet and was horny as fuck.

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This earliness wasn't born out any particular desire to be at school mere minutes after its doors were unlocked at seven in the morning.

More that it was born out of his desire to not have to walk to school, and the possibility of getting a ride from his father who worked in the area and started his shifts at seven thirty.

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