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I open my mouth to deepen the kiss, using the heels of my feet to push him closer.

The ocean, the clean air and the buttery sunshine are intoxicating.

Watching Ethan surf, capable and competent, and now being intimate with him is enough to flip my switch. Yaga-baba5 webcamclipsporno.

I want you, I say sweetly, and he grins that cocky smile, the one reserved just for times like this; me telling him I want more.

You're insatiable.

Would you rather I want someone else? I ask, and he looks at me like I'm stupid.

No, he says firmly, grabs my head and kisses me. Sex sites chat in herforst germany.

His obvious disinterest at the idea makes me happy.

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Sometimes I feel naughty when I start to think about how much I truly adore Ethan.

Like I shouldn't like him this much, not yet.

I'm not doodling hearts around his last name or anything, but he's definitely the only guy I'm seeing, public or not, and I don't want to change that. Actor porno lex.

I just want to keep doing what we're doing.

I want him.

To show my certainty, I reach down between us and grab his dick outside of his shorts.

I feel his forearm come around my lower back, and I know what his next move will be.

I open my thighs father, and his free hand comes to my front. Diawoma chat arab mobile sex.

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Hidden in the water, Ethan's thumb presses against my pussy and I swallow hard.

I wrap my left arm around his neck while I squeeze his thick cock, the small waves crashing into our bodies.

God, I love how he feels, so substantial beneath my hands, yet his tanned skin soft. Indian cam sex clips.

When he makes contact with my clit, I tighten at the sudden pressure, kissing him hard.

Ahhh, I coo when Ethan starts a rhythm against my hood.

I know we're still outside, but all I can concentrate on is our hands on each other.

My hips start to move, and he welcomes it. Web chat porno online.

Fuck, I whisper, my forehead on his.

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Ethan’s labored breathing drives me further.

Now this is crazy.

I guess we're good at being crazy together.

His thumb hooks around the fabric and pushes up, underneath my clit, and I gasp.

He rubs me carefully with skill I only know him capable of. Hd sex movies free online.

Holy shit, I pant and grab him harder, trying to stroke him.

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