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Damn, damn, damn.

My womb was brimming full of potent semen! I literally screeched, "Bryan, the rubber broke!" Bryan's face suddenly turned white.

There was genuine fear in his eyes as he stared at his naked, unprotected cock with the latex ring at the base.

"Brenda, I did not know. Sex cam s.

I am sorry.

I did not know it broke.

" Bryan seemed to be pleading for forgiveness for something that was not his fault.

Instantly he changed from my lover to my little boy asking to be forgiven.

"It's not your fault.

How could I have been so stupid?" I bolted to the bathroom were I squatted in the tub, trying to squeeze the large volume of semen out of my dilated womb.

Wildxsinz malayalee sex. Bryan
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Large globs did drain out of me, with long strings of semen slowly dripping in long viscous strings from my well fucked cunt.

Bryan stood by naked, as he watched me attempting to squeeze his sperm from my vagina.

He obviously did not know how to react, or what to do; so he simply watched. Home camera sex online.

I turned the water on full force and adjusted the temperature.

I positioned my pussy under the tub nozzle, my legs pointed towards the ceiling against the tub wall.

A powerful stream of warm water flowed in and out of me, rinsing my vagina and uterus.

Bryan stood silently as I tried to wash his invading sperm from my womb.

Wildxsinz malayalee sex. Bryan
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I could see his penis arch up and grow in response to the actions he was witnessing.

The little bastard was getting a hard-on watching my gyrations.

Even with the threat of pregnancy hanging over him, he still was thinking with the 'little head'.

I could not believe he could grow aroused at this moment as he watched me rinse his semen from my gaping vagina. Free usb webcam driver.

I guess teenage boys do not think about the ramifications of their actions, huh? But just as I was getting irritated with Bryan's inability to comprehend the seriousness of our situation, I realized that as an adult, I was far more culpable than he was.

Wildxsinz malayalee sex. Bryan
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I allowed my emotions and need for his closeness lead me into this crisis.

No, I was in no position to criticize anyone for letting lust and emotion cloud their judgment.

I quickly did a mental calculation and concluded that it had been 23 days since my last period; I should be past my fertile period, but who knew for sure? Kyliekam canada live sexvideochat com. I was not very regular.

But I should be starting my period in a matter of days.

I should be safe.

How could I have been so stupid? "Bryan, I need to go across the street and talk with the pharmacist.

I will be back shortly.

" Bryan simply nodded as he stepped into his boxer shorts.

Wildxsinz malayalee sex. Bryan
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I put on my panties, bra, pulled on my jeans and donned my t-shirt.

I grabbed the room key and headed out the door.

I literally ran across the parking lot towards the pharmacy across the street.

I cornered the pharmacist, a kindly looking, elderly man in his mid to late 60's, and explained that I just had a condom 'rupture' during sex and was panic stricken. Liana19 indo seks webcam.

I tried to maintain my composure, but as I explained the 'ruptured condom' to him, without giving any indication that it was my stepson's penis that was deep inside me when the condom ruptured, I started to cry.

Wildxsinz malayalee sex. Bryan

I was after 10:00 p.


and there was no one else other than the gentleman and myself in the pharmacy at the time He stepped from behind the counter to comfort me. Big tits webcam solo.

He placed his arm around me as I cried, my tears soaking his shoulder.

"I feel so damn stupid for letting this happen.

" I sobbed trying to regain my composure.

The man, whose name I never got, reminded me of my own father.

The fact that my own father was lying in hospital bed only served to heighten my emotional release.

"Honey, this will be OK. Jesica_sicman porno gratis.

The condom broke; they do break occasionally.

We can take care of this," he said as he gently rubbed my head trying to reassure me.

Wildxsinz malayalee sex. Bryan

I will never forget his kindness.

He continued, "I can fix you up with emergency contraception that is highly effective in preventing pregnancy. Live free usa bhabi sex chat.

It is simple and safe.

But you need to take it immediately.

It is a concentrated dose of estrogen and progestin.

It will prevent ovulation, and implantation.

The only real side effect is you may experience some nausea.

" He was kind, and caring.

He gave me the single dose pill, which I took immediately at the water fountain in the pharmacy. Sex cams live kiss.

He then gave me a 90 day supply of ongoing birth control pills.

"But honey, the birth control pills will prevent pregnancy, but they are not reliably effective until seven days from the time you start taking them.

Wildxsinz malayalee sex. Bryan

And, even after that time, you still need to use condoms to protect yourself from disease," he advised. Www localsex video com.

He directed me to the aisle where the condoms were stored.

I nodded indicating that I understood, and went over and selected 3 dozen Trojan Magnums; the exact label and type that my husband, Jim, had used prior to getting his vasectomy.

The pharmacist looked surprised at this particular purchase. Sexgirl com.

I tried to discern if it was the fact that I was buying three dozen condoms that surprised him.

Was he shocked at my need for 36 prophylactics? He held up one of the boxes, and after a moment's hesitation said, "Honey, I do not mean to pry, but do you realize these are very large, actually extra large, condoms.

Wildxsinz malayalee sex.