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It didn’t take long.

There was a groan and she felt Jason begin to shake.

She pulled the cock out until just the head remained in her mouth.

With one hand she pumped on the hot shaft while with the other she gently kneaded his heavy balls.

Jason had his hands on her head, both for support and in response to the instinctual desire to shove himself even deeper into her body. Online sex desi.

Kelly let him do what he wanted.

With her fist wrapped around the shaft, she controlled how much cock she took.

And for the time being she didn’t want anything in her mouth but that big, swollen cockhead.

She felt a brief spurt of cum shoot out followed, moments later, by a torrent that flooded her with warm, salty semen.

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She swallowed that first mouthful and felt the smooth cream slide down her throat.

More kept gushing out, refilling her mouth.

The nice thing about giving a blowjob in the shower, thought Kelly, is not having to worry about the mess.

She removed the cockhead and the next spurt sailed right between her lips. Free mobile sexchat sites.

The excess had begun flowing down her chin when two spurts splashed on her face.

Even Jason’s big sperm bank had its limits.

The flood of semen soon became a trickle.

She directed the remaining cum over her breasts.

Maybe enough of the stuff would make them grow, she thought.

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After swallowing what was left in her mouth, she placed the tip of Jason’s softening cock between her lips.

With great tenderness, she sucked on the sensitive head while milking the shaft.

Her efforts produced a few last drops of warm cum.

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