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Want to fuck independence. arse with the hand that

Cathy slid her hand over my buttock and her fingers found my anus, probing gently, her fingers still covered in lube.

I opened my legs slightly, trying to encourage her to touch me.

Her fingers found my arsehole and slid in.

I pushed back against her in encouragement and felt a second then a third finger slip in. Sexy chat friendship friend adult personals matchmaker.

‘Wow,’ Cathy said as the third finger made me moan loudly with pleasure.

Cathy started fucking my arse with her fingers, pushing them in as I pulled out of Dan then pulling out as I shoved my cock back up Dam’s arsehole.

I realised I wasn’t going to last long with this stimulation and let go of my nipples, grabbing Dan’s hips instead to pull him back on to my cock.

Want to fuck independence. Cathy
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I fucked him harder and faster feeling my balls tighten as I got close to orgasm.

Cathy lost rhythm with me as I fucked Dan faster and her fingers slipped out of me.

I slowed, putting one foot up on the sofa so I could thrust harder and felt her fingers return to my more accessible arsehole. Girlfriend tries anal sex movies.

This time she slipped all three fingers in at once and started thrusting in time to my thrusts into Dan.

Dan was moaning loudly, looking back at me as I fucked him hard.

Cathy was shouting, Fuck him, fuck his arse, come inside him you fucking whore bastard I understood why they wanted an empty house now. Swedish teen get fucked by black.

I felt the pressure in my arse increase as Cathy somehow got more fingers inside me, triggering my prostate, and suddenly I was shooting my load in Dan’s bum.

Want to fuck independence. Cathy

I held myself deep inside him as I filled his bowels with cum, Cathy pressing her fingers deep in my arse. Hot sex chating.

I cried out as a second orgasm hit me and my foot slipped off the sofa, making me fall forwards, pulling Cathy’s fingers out of my bum and my cock out of Dan.

I fell onto the sofa and lay there panting, looking at my young friends.

Dan was laid over the arm of the sofa, cum dripping out of his arse and Cathy was sat on the coffee table smiling at me. Search anissa kate openload porno.

Fuck yea!’ she shouted, slapping Dan’s arse with the hand that had so recently been trying to fist me.

-- We cleaned up and collapsed on the sofa with fresh bottles of beer.

Cathy slipping her boots off and her robe on, Dan slipping his boots off but keeping the stockings and suspenders on.

Want to fuck independence. Cathy
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I stayed naked, too hot to consider clothing.

What on Earth did you have up my bum?’ I asked Cathy once we had relaxed, ‘it felt amazing.

’ Cathy held her hand up and curled all four fingers around her thumb and pointed just below the middle joint on her fingers. Kalyn arianna porno.

Her hands are small, but it was still quite a girth to fit in my bum without too much preparation.

‘Dan can take that much so I figured you can,’ Cathy said, making Dan laugh.

I noticed his cock was fully hard again.

‘I have to say it doesn’t feel as nice as that monster cock you have there. Girls teasing webcam.

The other two guys I’ve been with were really quite average,’ Dan commented.

Want to fuck independence. Cathy

‘Thank you.

I kind of know how you feel, my housewife friend who pegs me uses a strapon cock made from a mould of my cock.

She wanted me to know how it felt when I fucked her arse,’ I laughed. Sexy bbw free mobile wibcam chat.

Cathy reached over and started stroking Dan’s long cock with one hand, moving his foreskin over the head and back down again.

Our strapon dildo is long and tapered rather than thick.

I did wonder if Dan could take your cock when you took your trousers off!’ Cathy said, leaning down and taking Dan’s cock in her mouth. Hottest webcams.

I felt my cock twitch as I watched Cathy sucking her boyfriend's long cock.

I emptied my bottle of beer as I watched more of Dan’s cock disappear into Cathy’s mouth.

Want to fuck independence. Cathy

He was stroking her hair with one hand and stroking his own leg with the other.

I realised he was running his hands over the nylon fabric as I liked to do. Random stranger sex chat.

‘Come and join us,’ Dan invited as Cathy slipped out of her robe.

Cathy straddled him, guiding his cock into her soft, wet pussy.

She looked over her shoulder as I moved behind her, then put her head down to kiss Dan, wiggling her bum at me and showing me Dan’s cock in her pussy. 8767089055 blonde porno.

I knelt behind them on the floor, leant forward and kissed her bum through the fishnet then wiggled the tip of my tongue through the net to lick her anus.

My hands caressed Dan’s legs through his nylons as I rimmed Cathy.

Want to fuck independence. Cathy

Dan began to thrust his cock in and out of her wet pussy and I could hear how wet she was as he fucked her. Mature webcam sex videos.

Dan’s feet found my cock and balls and started to stroke them with his toes.

Cathy came quickly, squirming on Dan’s cock, and I leant back as her movement prevented me from getting my tongue up her arse.

She slid off his cock and lay next to him with her legs spread giving me a lovely view of her pussy.

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