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Without even checking, I knew her cunt was wet.

She was anticipating what I had promised her when we closed.

She was going to bare her big tits and squeeze them together until her nipples were touching.

For my part, I would slowly approach, dragging my feet. Young cute webcam.

I'd have her scuff her feet against the rug to generate an even bigger shock.

With a little luck, the spark would get both nipples! And then that little party crashed.

Our boss, the Colonel, came striding through the front door, with only fifteen minutes left on the clock. Kristalyna arabs sex chat.

To be honest, though, my cock gave a visible twitch.


Just the previous weekend Peppi and I had thoroughly used and abused Jill, the head librarian and the wife of a real life colonel.

My cock had slept well for what was left of that night.

Jill called me over and instructed me to lock the doors and to "report" to the break room. Akron chat ohio swinger naked fuckbook 2018.

I almost saluted.

Watching her walk back to the stacks where Debbie was working, I couldn't help but admire her ass.

I locked up and went to the break room.

A few minutes later Debbie appeared, followed by Jill.

Using my advanced observation skills, I noted that Debbie's sweater was partly unbuttoned, and there was a smudge of lipstick on her lips that matched the color that Jill was wearing.

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Both women wore big grins.

Jill asked me if the library were completely locked, and I assured that it was.

She walked over to where I was standing, tilted her head back, presenting her full, red lips to be kissed.

One of her hands groped my crotch, quickly finding the head of my cock and squeezing the rapidly engorging knob.

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