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Jenna briefly looked her mother over, taking in the sight of her nude body, then relaxed again.

But just before closing her eyes, she caught a glimpse of something that surprised her.

"Mom, do you shave yourself, um, down there?" Jenna asked.

"Yeah, I do, honey. Webcam adults.

I love having a smooth pussy," Angelique murmured.

Jenna blushed.

"That's kinda weird.

I thought having hair down there was a sign of growing up.

I remember how proud when I finally got mine.

" She glanced at the light patch of down that adorned her vulva. Free asian sri lanka teen sex pictures.

Angelique studied her daughter's pubes.

"Well, you'll probably start have to start trimming, at least, in a year or two.

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Especially if you ever want to wear a sexy bathing suit.

" She grinned.

"Gotta watch that bikini line.

" "Do you think I have too much hair down there for boys to like?" Jenna asked, parting her thighs to display her sparsely covered slit.

"Not at all, dear. Salomeandsall free live sex cans.

Just keep it neat and trimmed, and the guys will fall all over themselves to lick you there," Angelique said.


Thanks, Mom," Jenna replied.

She relaxed again for a moment.

Then another question occurred to her, and she glanced over at Angelique.

"Uh, Mom. Free webcam sex with stranger without register.

what's that like?" she hesitantly asked.

"Having a guy, you know, lick you?" "Mmmmm.

" Angelique cooed, "it's one of the nicest feelings in the world.

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Imagine it, honey.

a wet, hot tongue touching you down there.

Caressing the outer lips of your pussy, or sliding deep inside. To love ru porno.

It's the best part of sex for me.

" She absently allowed a hand to drift between her thighs and began to caress herself, gently exploring the folds of her cunt with two fingers.

Seeing her mother pleasure herself so openly, Jenna stared in disbelief.

Then she closed her eyes and leaned back, thinking if Mom can do it. Too deep sex stop.

well, so can I.

She let a hand wander down to her pussy.

Mmmm, yeah.


Just thinking the word feels good , Jenna mused, cupping her moist vulva.

"Have you.

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had it done to you very many times, Mom?" she asked.

"Yes, love," her mother replied, teasing herself with a fingertip.

"Tell you a little secret. Sex freecam.

I've had men who knew how to eat my pussy pretty well.

but no one, I mean no one, knows how to use their mouth on you like another woman.

" "Mom!" Jenna gasped in shock.

"Y-you've had sex with a woman?" "Oh, yes, sweetheart.

More than once," Angelique replied with a mysterious smile.

"Wow," mumbled the dazed teen. Badmiri livesex web.

She looked up again at her mother.

"Does that mean that you're.

" "No, no, Jenna," Angelique said softly.

"I'm not gay.

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I do prefer to make love to women, though, since me and your dad split.

" She cupped a breast with her free hand.

"Men are fun and all, but the female body is so soft -- so sweet. Bizarre amateur sex tapes.

And women are more skilled at pleasing one another.

" She sighed.

"I haven't been with another woman in awhile.

Have to admit, I've missed it.

" "Mmm.

You make it sound so good," Jenna said, as her fingers continued to dance between her legs.

"Oh, it is," her mother replied, letting her thumb massage her clit as one of her fingers probed deep inside the vagina.

"You'll have to try it with a girl sometime, honey.

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It's an amazing experience.


" "Oh, Mom.

I'm getting hot just thinking about it.


" Jenna's breathing was becoming more erratic as her fingers moved faster, the other hand providing needed support as she started to lose herself in the moment.

"Yes, dear. Iziliyaa jasmin live sexs chat.

Mmmm, yes!" Angelique slipped another finger into her dripping pussy, pumping herself harder, strangely aroused by the idea of masturbating with her beautiful sixteen-year-old daughter while talking of lesbian sex.

"Oh, fuck, honey.

I'm c-coming.

Oh yes. Women who want to fuck from addison illinois.

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!" Angelique gasped as a lovely orgasm rippled through her body.

Jenna, upon hearing her mother's climax, quickly found herself coming as well.

"Yes, Mom.

Oh yes.

Ohhhhhh!" Jenna cried, pressing two fingers against her clit, surges of pleasure rippling outward from her pussy to every part of her body. Live sex cam big tits.

Almost too soon, her rapture peaked and waned.

Spent, she gasped for air, quivering with sweet aftershocks as her climax slowly ebbed away.

"Oh, gosh.

That was.

the best," Jenna finally said, her face now resting on her mother's thigh.

"Thanks for joining me, honey," her mother whispered as she stroked her daughter's hair.

"That was a nice little bonding experience, I'd say.

" Opening her eyes, Jenna realized that she was lying with her face inches from Angelique's shaved pussy.

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Enthralled, she turned onto her belly to get a better look.

"So, this is where I came from, huh?" Jenna asked as she instinctively reached up to lightly touch Angelique's vulva.

"Yes, baby," Angelique said, allowing her legs to part even further.

"Mmmm, that feels good.

" "Hard to imagine something like a person coming out of such a small place," Jenna said as she slowly caressed her mother's moist labia, strange feelings she didn't understand rising inside her.

"It was rough, my precious. Sexxy bitch.

but you were worth it," replied her mother.

"Thank you for giving birth to me.

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I can't imagine having a more perfect mother than you.

" Feeling mischievous, she moved closer to place a tender kiss on Angelique's pussy.

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