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God it felt so wonderful.

No vibrator or object I had ever used on myself felt like this.

This was a hot throbbing feeling that filled the empty space between my legs.

Each time daddy pushed inside, I pictured being consumed by a pile driver, driving a rod deep into depths unknown. Sexy womens clothing online.

The feeling of having a cock inside my pussy was intoxicating.

I felt my vaginal walls stretch to accommodate my daddy’s erection.

I could feel my outer lips wrap around his hard member as it slid in and out of me.

I was tight around him and could feel it, and I could not help moaning each time he slid in and out of me.

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I was very wet and well lubricated, so that helped.

I could hear the suction with each thrust daddy made.

I actually wondered if that was a normal.

It must have been because daddy did not stop his movements.

Every so often, daddy grunted to match my moans. Free adult brazilian porn webcam.

It sounded so sexy to me.

The sounds we both made together were erotic and electrifying.

They filled the air of the room and made it sound as if we were doing something right.

I was almost certain we were.

Daddy kept at the same pace inside me and it felt so good. Real amature wives fucking in bavaro.

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I wrapped my legs around his waist and heard him grunt even more as I did.

Then I felt a feeling inside my pussy that surprised me.

I felt his cock go deeper and then felt his balls bang against my hot skin there on the bottom half of my pussy.

I moaned extra deep and let it out in a long intense sigh. Kira thorn porno.

God it felt so good.

Having his balls slap me as he thrust all the way inside me, gave me a feeling that I was satisfying him.

He sure was satisfying me.

I could also feel his body rub my clit as he pounded into me.

That sent shivers through my body.

The more he rubbed my clit with his abdomen as he entered me repeatedly made the feeling inside me intensify.

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It actually felt like the feeling I gave myself while I rubbed my clit with my finger.

It was the same onset feeling of the orgasm I often gave myself.

Except this time, I could tell it was more intense, as the feeling was more widespread.

My whole body began to fill with heat. Emo porn webcam.

I could feel it begin to spread.

The feeling started as always, at my head and spread down through my being.

My breasts became firmer, my nipples lengthened even more, and beads of sweat started to form.

I could feel the pores of my skin open and drench me with desire. Sex in chat video.

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I could not hold the orgasm back.

I had to let it go.

Daddy knew I was about to explode.

He felt it inside my pink heaven.

Finally, the feeling had made its way down to my hot pussy.

Just as if I were fucking myself with my vibrator, I felt the clench of my pussy on daddy’s hard cock, gripping him as he slowly fell deep into me again. Sex definition wikipedia.

He rubbed my clit again with his body and that was the final moment I needed.

I felt like it was too early, but it sent me over the edge and with a loud yell, I let my orgasm go.

My body shook as my pussy contracted, clutching onto my daddy’s hard cock inside me in waves that pleased us both.

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He continued to push as my pulses continued on him, and then I felt something that surprised me even more.

Not only did I feel my orgasm erupt, I felt myself cum.

I had came before while feeling myself, but never had I felt the flow of my own cum exit my pussy. Sexy it girl.

This time, I actually felt the flow of my cum cover my daddy’s cock and flow out of my pussy in between his thrusts.

The slurping sound it made was exhilarating.

It was too much for my daddy also.

I felt the change of his cock inside me.

It felt like it swelled to a much bigger size. Leonora2015 webcam.

I knew he was about to cum himself.

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He grunted very loudly and I felt him remove his rock hard cock from my sensitive lips.

I leaned up to watch and he laid his hard member on the outline of my slit.

His cock glistened from my cum and he used that to rub the underside of his shaft along the contour of my sensitive pussy lips. Miss-luxury sex in fuck in skype cam.

He grunted once more and stopped the head of his hard cock just above my clit and then I watched and felt the stream of his hot load shoot across my hot skin.

The first spurt was so strong, it shot past by belly button.

The successive emissions that followed were each impressive, the warmth of each one on my skin tantalizing until daddy had drained himself on me.

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In all, I counted eight streams of daddy’s sticky goodness all over my body.

God it was so hot and sensual.

I lied there and watched my daddy’s cock fall back to its normal soft state as he kneeled between my legs.

Even when it was not hard, his cock was beautiful. Watch free sex videos online.

It was amazing to have it inside me.

I could see how my daddy’s body glowed in the afterglow of fucking me.

He was happy.

He crawled up to lie beside me.

He caressed my face with his hand and kissed me gently on the lips.

I smiled and he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Chat webcam girl.

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I just lied there, still as could be, daddy’s core still all over my now non-virgin sexually satisfied body.

Without saying any words, other than the usual sexual moans and grunts to each other as daddy took my virginity, we shared a bond that most father-daughters do not share. Meg hurcules sex.

I was glad that it was my daddy that took my innocence.

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