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Hope to have you all again soon! before exiting the house to head home.

Various appreciative cat calls from the men followed her out of the door, mainly variations on how she could have them again any time she wanted.

Melanie looked Jim, Jake and I over carefully, then pronounced, Well, you lot aren't going to be much use to Suze at the moment, are you? Young sluts on webcam. You need to get yourselves through to the kitchen and stock up on the Viagra.

There's still a lot of the day left.

You three will need to take the last three positions in Suze's gang, so when the numbers are pulled from the hat we will get anyone who draws the seven, eight, or nine to pass it along to one of you and draw another number.

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That way you will have a chance to recover before Suze fucks you to extinction again with her delightful ass.

I mock groaned; the other two joined in.

Sue threw cushions and abuse at us.

We went to the kitchen.

________ Our resorting to the Viagra seemed to set a trend; I think all the guys took some before we reconvened in the Party Pit for Sue's ass gangbang. Angelicavelez hd sex facebook xxx.

We were all carrying beers because we were going to be sitting around for a large part of the time while the others took their turns.

Sue moved all of the giant cushions out to the walls, except for one that she placed at the centre of the Pit.

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Before settling herself on it, she said, I'd like Jim last if that's okay with everybody else? Juicy handsome nude sex. Nobody demurred.

He'll be kinda my grand finale, she explained.

You know, leave the biggest to last.

At least she didn't say best, Jake said in an aside to me.

Feeling threatened? I jibed.

Aren't you? he retorted.

That thing is enormous.

Yeah, but we know size doesn't count, 'cause the girls told us so, I said sarcastically. Sex video free threesome.

We both burst into laughter.

When the numbers had all been drawn from the hat and the running order determined, Sue settled herself onto the giant cushion, kneeling with her thighs spread wide over it, her head resting on her folded arms on the far side, leaving her ass sticking conveniently into the air, ready for the mass assault.

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Let's go, fellas, Sue ordered, waggling that lovely butt for emphasis.

Steve was first up, literally.

He knelt behind her on the edge of the cushion, lowered his already stiff dick between the cheeks of her ass, then rammed abruptly home into her anus.

Sue 'oomphed' at the sudden rear penetration, then pushed back with her ass to get him deeper in there. Sex dating in lily cache illinois.

Steve took her by the hips and started nailing her hard.

Sue looked sensational in that pose; her lovely tits had spilled out of her black corset again, her shapely legs clad in those black silk, seamed stockings were spread wide to accommodate Steve, and the black stocking tops and silver garters accentuated the paleness of her gorgeous ass as Steve's cock pounded in and out of it.

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He shot his wad up there about ten minutes later, to a few cheers and jeers from the peanut gallery.

Pete was next.

He had my wife suck start him before taking his place.

He pushed Sue's head down, then pulled her legs out straight in a wide vee either side of the cushion, so that her ass was now pointing up more than back. Teens webcams v vk.

He then lay down supported over Sue's back by his straight arms ,with his legs splayed inside her thighs, forcing them further apart, as he drove his cock almost straight down into her backside.

Sue started moaning as he exploded inside her after fifteen minutes.

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Phil was fluffed up by Tina, so he was ready to go as soon as Pete climbed off.

He assumed a similar position to Pete's, as if he was doing push-ups, but he spread his legs along the outside of Sue's and swept her legs together after he was up her ass. Porno squirt webcam.

As he started boring out her rectum, Mike walked over and stuck his cock in Melanie's mouth; my wife sucked greedily.

Mike was up next.

Phil had Sue moaning loudly by the time he dumped his sperm in her rear deposit box.

Mike jumped in while Sue was still in mid-gasp, holding her butt cheeks apart and ramming home before her sphincter had a chance to contract.

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Her legs were still in the position in which Phil left them, but now Mike was sitting astride her thighs and holding her underneath her hipbones, so that he could lift her bodily upwards to meet his rigid cock as it drove downwards.

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