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They also had another look at my naked backside.

Standing on my hands and knees with my face close to Paul’s cock, I had a decision to make.

Or was it Suzie who made the decision? My blonde head hid his groin from the audience.

I was supposed to simulate fellatio but with his beautiful cock close to my mouth, Suzie took over and licked Paul’s purple head, just as in the porn I viewed as research.

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His reaction was immediate.

His erection grew as I swallowed him.

It felt divine, not the power I had to give him an erection, but the touch of another human being’s most sacred equipment.

Time slowed down to a crawl.

Taking his thickness in my hand, I could feel the blood rushing through the veins. Wabcam sexcat free.

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My lips caressed the velvety smoothness of his crown and my tongue flicked back and forth over the opening of his shaft.

It was as if I tasted Paradise.

As I swallowed and licked his cock, I had a mind-blowing orgasm.

It took me totally by surprise. Free text a fuck.

I had felt an undeniable attraction to John and Anne since we first met two weeks ago to plan the play and started rehearsing.

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