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I have not the power of steam at my disposal, have neither the room nor physical capacity to construct such a monster, and so, as always, I circumvented, thought laterally, turned the problem on its head.

Rather than a steam-driven piston powering a pump via a rocking beam, my device works the opposite way, the force being applied in the opposite direction: my wound spring, via my newly-devised parallel linkage, operates a perfectly penetrating piston, and via a process I have christened 'parallel motion'. Canada aunty sex chat.

I love the sound of that.

Parallel motion.

It describes perfectly the contrary progress of the twin parallel shafts - the piston rod and pump rod - while echoing how we contrasting siblings live out our separate lives: he constantly in the light; I, along side him, entirely in shadow.

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After the initial design stage, in an arrangement that better suited my particular machine's primary purpose, I then turned the problem on its side, so that rather than pumping perpendicular to the Earth as such machines are wont to do, it pumped parallel to it. Amydevin 18teen in livesex free.

But for a chill wind rattling the eaves, the house was silent.

I fancied the scurrying mice, the spinning spiders, the gnawing deathwatch beetles, each held their breath and waited with pregnant wonder before the commencement of my sterile coupling.

The adjusting wheel turned smoothly, easily, the piston nudging unerringly forwards. Fuck woman in car.

Cold metal kissed my nether lips, nosed between the slippery folds.

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I gasped, clasped hand to mouth, as the rounded unforgiving plunger inched inside me.

Legs shaking, I turned the wheel again, spinning the thread, tightening the screw, my shining icy lover melting into the dark heat of my molten core. Where is essex located in england.

The ratchet clicked.

Clicked again.

At last, he had no more to give me, and I was glad, for he filled me to bursting.

He filled me to bursting in every way.

The lever fitted my reaching left palm perfectly.

The moment was now.

With trepidation, I gently released the brake, thus easing the honed clockwork into action. Monikhotlove webcams video.

The balance rocked and whirred.

The mainspring, fighting against meticulously machined and graduated gears, slowly began to unfurl.

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Cogs turned.

The pump rod was carried backwards by the horizontal drive wheel, and towards the wall behind me.

The beam rocked on its pivot. Unique_tina webcam black girls xnxx.

The piston shaft's movement paralleled, mimicked exactly and oppositely, the drive mechanism's machinations.

Deep within my loins, the monster stirred; its withdrawal caused me not a small degree of discomfort, left a void, a gaping slurping void, that threatened to suck out my very womb. Saint louis sex teen forum.

As the drive wheel continued its slow rotation, the pump shaft reached its apocheir and began its retrograde motion.

Correspondingly, the slick piston again entered me, stretching my virgin flesh to the limits.

Frenzied manual penetrations had long ago stymied my hymen, so there was no pain, no blood, just the indescribable satisfaction of my first third-party entry.

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I allowed the cycle to be repeated, carefully and precisely, in and out, in and out, till I was certain the operation was flawless, before grasping the regulating lever and gradually increasing the tempo.

Despite the cold of my lofty, lonely rooms, sweat was forming on my brow, dripping from my chin, and drizzling between my heaving breasts. Sexichatcam free.

Beads formed simultaneously in my hairline, tickling my neck before chilling the bent spine that separates my asymmetrical shoulder blades.

At around two cycles per second, I felt my body relax, soften, become one with the rigid metal, and liquid pleasure began to pool within me. Karina kapoor sex hot video.

Using the name I had lovingly engraved onto him, I entreated him, beseeched him, silently at first, then whispered in urgent hoarse ejaculations.

'Love me, Hercules, make me yours.

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Take me! Do me,' and as my longing sublimated into unparalleled passion, so the pitch, amplitude and impropriety increased, 'Fuck me, Hercules! Free exhibitionist sex cam. Shove it up me! Give me your cock, your fucking beautiful cock.

Fill me with your love, your life!' At that precise moment, I reached again for the regulating lever, intending to increase by mere degrees my pelvic pummelling, but my fingers, still greasy from the dripping, slipped and pushed it too far. Google sex chat with pornstars.

In desperation, I grabbed again, yet my fingers could not gain sufficient purchase, succeeded instead to push the lever beyond my reach.

The machine reacted in the only way it could, in the exact manner of its design.

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Wheels spun faster, the spring expanded, cogs meshed and almost silently reached the full extent of their potential.

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