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He blinked hard a couple of times and then pinched his arm to make sure he was awake.

But he was.

He looked down to Olivia’s knees and then started back up.

His stomach felt like someone had just punched him.

But there were his wife’s thighs, smooth and trim. Live sex text chat free no sign up.

And there was her dick.

He shook his head and blinked again.

What happened? What happened? She looked at him and then back down at the three or four inches of soft tissue.

I just woke up and found.

She reached between her thighs and tugged on it, like she wasn’t sure it was attached. One on one live cam sex online free.


The flesh stretched and then sprung back when she let go.

Do you still have…? Olivia picked up her cock and below it was the usual, swollen peach they were used to.


Olivia turned the flesh over and examined it in earnest.

What the fuck? Lucas sat back. Japanese sex vedio online.

It didn’t make any sense.

No one grows at dick later in life? What the.

what am I…? Olivia went from shock to horror in the time it takes me to get my bra off.

She started crying, sobbing.

What the fuck, Lucas? What the fuck is this? She reached between her legs and tugged on it again, pulled it as far as she could before it became painful, and then just a tiny bit further.

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The flesh went from cream-colored to pink as she stretched it.

I don’t know, Lucas cuddled up closer to his wife, worried, and afraid, and just a little fascinated which, I am pretty sure, surprised him.

I’ve got to call the hospital, Olivia looked around for her cell phone. Amateur threesome sex tumblr.

No, we’ve got to go to the hospital.

Right now? Olivia turned on Lucas like a cornered animal.

What?! Of course right now! She screamed.

Do you see this? She reached down and grabbed her new appendage.

Look at this! But Olivia’s cock was a little larger this time. Hot el ravenna women sex tapes.


All the attention, the pulling and tugging and curiosity had served a purpose.

Fuck! Lucas stared at it.

It was already larger than his by about half an inch in length and girth, but it was still flaccid.

And then they just sort of stood there, you know, like watching it. Back book sexy video chat.

Olivia the back of her hand across her cheek.

Why do I have a dick? She stared down at it like it could answer the question.

I don’t know, Lucas said softly.

Do you want to go to the hospital? Olivia sat down on the edge of the bed next to Lucas.

Yes, she put a hand on his and squeezed. Webcam online sex free.


Your wife has a dick.

Lucas watched as Olivia went to her dresser.

It was strange.

Not only was she sporting a cock, she was also seemed a little taller, just a little bit, and maybe stronger, thicker? He couldn’t really put a finger on the difference, but he could see it. Black woman looking for sex in maniatiana.

She had changed, even if only slightly.

They got dressed and Lucas was just about to grab his car keys when Olivia shook her head.

I have to pee.

She ran back down the hall.

Lucas stood in the doorway and thought about what was happening.

Because that’s the kind of guy Lucas is. I need sex only chat sites in kenya.


He’s a thinker.

The kind of guy who thinks before he says anything.

A quiet guy you wouldn’t even notice at a party.

And he said he just kind of stood there in the doorway trying to imagine what his life was going to be like if Olivia stayed that way.

Until she screamed and he went running into the bathroom. Sexyassorted online drsi sex free sex chat.

It’s gone! Olivia laughed.

Look! No dick! She turned with her jeans around her ankles.

And sure enough, her cock was gone.

Lucas dropped to one knee and looked at the lovely peach of a pussy he was used to.

She was right.

There was no trace of the penis, it was like it had never happened, like it had simply disappeared.

Text and meet and fuck.

Maybe we were dreaming? He said the words without thinking.

No, it was there, she reached down and ran her fingers around and through her pussy.

What the fuck happened to it? You sound like you want it back? Lucas gave her a mischievous grin.

No, but that was fucked up, right? Italian sex tv live. Olivia stepped out her jeans.

Fuck, it’s four in the morning.

Let’s go back to bed, Lucas took his wife’s hand and they wandered back down the hall.

Jason and I were watching one of the NFL games when I looked out the window to our frat house and saw two girls from our Greek sorority walking up the sidewalk.

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I got up and went to the door.

As I opened it they came in shivering.

Heidi, the taller of the two at about 5’9 with long blond hair and C size tits grinned at me.

Are you guys up for coming over and playing games or having a potluck? There are only seven of us. Sex chat telugu girls.

I looked at Jason.

There’s not even that many of us.

I’m for it, how ‘bout you, Steve.

I nodded and said I’d ask the guys upstairs.

As I said that Tony, a baseball player, and Dom, a half-African American half Caucasian came down the stairs.

Dom looked at the girls and asked, What’s up, Ladies? Best webcam blowjob.

Shelly, who is a sophomore, like me, and stand 5’5 tall and has chestnut hair and B cup tits, replied, We’re inviting you guys over for games and pooling food for a potluck.

Were you guys going to tell us, Steve? Tony asked.

They just got here, I replied. Evaanight porno.

How many more are here? Heidi asked.

Just Cody, and I think he’s asleep, Dom said.

Heidi opened the door to exit, Wake him up.

We’ll see you in half an hour.

If you have drinks bring them to.

Except wine, we have a lot of wine.

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