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They developed a group of friends that they’d see once or twice a week, including Paul and Claire, there were five couples, three of which had got children.

They’d go out as a group occasionally but more often than not, it would be guys nights or very occasionally, girlsnights. Tall asian women sex.

The men were all big Rugby fans, televised England internationals were big events for them and as they had the biggest TV, they’d always watch them at their house.

Claire would be the guys’ waitress for the day, making sure they’d plenty to eat and that their beer glasses were never empty. Amateur webcam clips.

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The way the matches fell, it meant a full house, five weekends out of seven.

She hadn’t considered there was ever a problem but the longer they knew them the more familiar the guys got with her, suggestive comments, touching her at every opportunity and kisses that went beyond friendly, Claire simply ignored what was happening and Paul didn’t seem to mind, in fact, he encouraged it. Chubby blone bride fuck.

There had been no sex for at least three months when the next group of Rugby internationals came around.

Claire was going crazy, desperate for sex, masturbating at every opportunity but always wanting more.

Sexy hidden camera. Claire

The day of the first match arrived, she showered as normal and went back to the bedroom to get dressed. Sexyladyim xxx movies.

Paul had laid out clothes for her on the bed but before she had chance to say anything, he quipped that she always did a great job as a waitress and might as well dress the part.

There was a white thong, a lacy push up bra, very short frilly black skirt, white stockings leaving enough of her thighs visible to tease the guys and red blouse that he insisted was tied up to reveal her stomach to above her belly button, oh, of course, don’t forget the high heeled shoes. Melted chocolate sex.

Sexy hidden camera. Claire

When Claire saw herself in the full length mirror thought she looked somewhat tarty but at the same time, felt incredibly sexy knowing she’d definitely be getting lots of attention that afternoon.

Not long after the guys started to arrive, a lot earlier than they would have normally, Claire hadn’t even prepared any of the food, so, went straight into the kitchen and got to work.

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