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I could watch her do this all day – and I was pretty sure that the little pup tent I’d pitched in my thong would stay just like that as long as I was watching her.

This is the enigma of Allison – or one of them, at least; she was utterly at ease with me watching her perform this little ritual, or any of a hundred other intimate acts, but until now she’d never shown any interest in having anybody else see her body in all of its naked glory – just the opposite, in fact. Good webcam sites.

I think she knows that I enjoy seeing and watching her, and enjoys the fact that she can so easily arouse me.

The thing is, any guy watching her would probably enjoy it as much as I do; she’s a beautiful, sexy woman, and guys are programmed to enjoy that kind of thing!

Fort collins girls fucking. There was no physical reason for her to be so shy about her body, she just was.

She paused in her efforts long enough to look up at me.

What was it you started to say? What? Oh, sorry; watching you kind of took my mind off of…well, everything else, really. Milenamix livesexy girls chating.

She laughed.

I’m just trying to figure out if you’re serious, you know, about doing the hot tub portion of the evening.

You’ve been dead-set against it in the past.

She shrugged and went back to trimming as she spoke.

I know, but you know what? While I was getting my picture taken for you I was basically naked in a room with two people that were fully dressed, and it turned out it was really pretty easy; I wasn’t that uncomfortable at all, especially after the first few minutes.

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If everyone else is naked too it should just make it that much easier, right? That’s one theory, I suppose.

I don’t know.

Maybe if it was a vacation somewhere with a bunch of strangers that we knew we’d never see again it might be easier.

She stopped trimming long enough to look at me, the tiny device buzzing impotently in her hand. Sexy milf porn pics.

Really? See, I’m just the opposite; I think I’d be much more at ease with friends, or at least people I know.

If it was just friends, maybe, but I work with these people – you don’t.

She nodded and returned to trimming for another moment before completing her task. 18virginsex betty porn.


She shut off the tiny gadget and looked at me, still holding it.

I suppose that might be awkward, seeing them in the office again on Monday morning.

Ya think? She laughed.

Okay, I’ll concede the point – but some of them do this every year, and they still manage to work together! A sexchat girl. Look at Marci and Michael; she hated Charlie when she first started and he pulled that whole exposing himself stunt on her, but now they get along great – and they do the hot tub party with him and everyone else every year! I nodded.

I know, and I always wondered about that. Sexy tina fey pics.

But the fact that Marci will probably be there is one more reason for us not to!

She works for me, Alli, and I see her every day; it would just be too weird.

She held the trimmer out to me.

Check me and make sure I didn’t miss any stragglers, okay? I took it and knelt in front of her, my face inches from her pussy as I tried to focus on making sure she’d been thorough. Colombians webcam.

It wasn’t an easy task, focusing with her pretty little pussy right there in front of me, but she continued to talk about the hot tub as though she was seriously trying to convince me.

Marci being there should be just one more reason why you should want to try it! Sexykatia porn. I know how much you’d love to see those big boobs of hers.


Well, yeah – but not at the price of her seeing me naked! I found a small area where she’d left some longish hairs, and quickly trimmed them.

You trimmed yourself really short this time.

She had, leaving very little cover and largely exposing her cleft, but she didn’t say anything. Mnogoporno juliana vega.

Have you ever considered shaving down here? No.

It would always have stubble, and I think it usually makes red bumps.

Plus, when it starts to grow out it would probably feel like a porcupine in my pants.

No thanks! I chuckled.


Well, what about one of those Mexican wax job thingys? Best sex position for overweight women.

She laughed.

It’s called a Brazilian wax, not Mexican – and it all sounds a little too personal and very painful to me.

Oh c’mon! A lot of women do it, how bad can it be? All right then, tough guy; I will if you will.

Sexy blonde college coed.