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The light glittering and flashing across the ripples on the ocean.

In the distance a large ship followed the line of the horizon but to me it was tiny.

There was a wind blowing gently across the dunes, lifting sand off the tops and dropping it further along. Webcam chatrooms granny.

It also blew my knee length summer dress against my legs and caused it to flutter behind me like a flag and my hair blew across my face.

It was not a cold wind that was blowing from the sea, on the contrary, but I decided to continue my stroll and walk along the flat beach, the breeze in my hair and the waves at my feet. Totaly free live sex chat.

I stepped out and down the slopes taking me back into the dunes.

The soft warm sand felt wonderful between between my toes and I stopped for a moment and wiggled my feet so they sank into the cooler sand beneath.

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It is strange, the effect a little solitude can have on a mind in turmoil.

I had almost forgotten already about the reason I was here. Foreign sex chat.

The shouting and arguing seemed a distant memory now and I had been out only about fifteen minutes.

I felt calm and at peace with the world.

I felt at one with the hissing of the waves as they rolled along the beach and the gentle moaning of the wind through the dunes. Kinky sex date in gillett ar. swingers kinkycouples sex..

Once again I stopped but this time I wanted to listen.

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That wasn't the wind moaning.

The sound, gentle and almost inaudible was coming from, more or less, ahead of me.

I walked a few more steps and stopped again.

No, this time I was certain, that was definitely not the wind! Www skype live web cam video sex chat. I began to climb back up, to the top of the dune before me and, as I reached the top my eyes opened wide for there, on the other side, was a pretty young girl.

She could not have been more than eighteen. Fucking the fat lady.

Very slim with long brown hair blowing slightly across her pretty face.

She was lying on her back, facing the sun and wearing a tight white vest top and very short cut off jeans.

So short that the pockets were visible below the ragged hem which accentuated her long, beautiful, lightly tanned legs.

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This was the source of the moaning for this vision in front of me lay with the button and zip of her shorts open and her fingers were clearly giving her much pleasure, although invisible, inside the denim of her shorts. Face fuck fingering.

I stood transfixed at the beautiful scene below, just a few feet away and I watched.

I felt I shouldn't and should turn and leave this delicious young woman to her own world but I couldn't.

Almost without realising, my own hand began began to find it's way between my own legs, pressing the soft thin fabric against me. Laporte indiana salle porno sekx.

I was mesmerized by the movement of her fingers, even though it was just a slight rippling of fabric, and the contortions of her face, eyes closed and head moving in tiny motions left, right, more a twitch than a concious movement.

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